10 Best Freelance Jobs Online from Home

Author: Helen Rebane

17 June, 2022

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Snoozing your alarm at 8 AM, getting annoyed from passive-aggressive notes on the refrigerator, and spending hours on your CEO's spontaneous "growth" meetings, which are the same each time. Yes, we're talking about the traditional full-time working model that none of us seem to like much.


And if you've been searching for a freelance job on Google, you're definitely thinking about finding more flexible and enjoyable work, which you can do from anywhere. So here is our list of the best freelance jobs online that will help you be your own boss.


Top 10 Freelance Jobs From Home

We'll start our list with non-technical freelance jobs that are remote and flexible:


1. Web designer

Are you into UI/UX? If yes, find a quick and free web design course, create a portfolio, and post it on freelancing platforms. Once you find your first client, you can officially call yourself a freelance web designer and enjoy your creative and fun work.


2. Content Writer

If you're into reading, analyzing, and writing, this one's for you. Many companies look for specialists that can help them bring more traffic to their website and improve their brand's digital presence. That's why content writing is so much in demand now. As a freelance content writer, you'll need to do some research, write blogs, and, most of the time, also know a little about SEO (especially keyword research) to utilize it in your articles.


3. SEO specialist

Talking about SEO. If writing isn't that much your thing, but you still are interested in website rankings, analytics and metrics, then you should try yourself as an SEO specialist.


Keep in mind, though, that this work also has a technical aspect to it, which might be a little challenging to figure out at first.


4. Online teacher

Is there something you're really good at? If you said yes, then the chances are high that you can teach it online. Becoming an online freelance teacher works especially well if you're teaching languages. But of course, you can also be an online instructor of digital marketing, SMM, coding, and pretty much anything else that can be taught remotely.


5. Graphic Designer

If you like the idea of creating posters, logos, and other visuals, then graphic design is for you. Don't worry; you don't need to know how to draw to become a graphic designer. Install Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and start creating!


Technical Freelance Jobs Online from Home


These ones are more for the ones who are into developing and IT-related jobs:


6. Front-end web developer

Front-end developers create the look and feel of websites and web applications. To become a freelance front-end developer, you can start learning either HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Or maybe all three of them!


7. Back-end web developer

Back-end web developers work on the server-related aspects of the website or web application. Some of the tools you can learn to become a back-end developer are PHP, Python, C#, SQL, etc.


8. Full-stack developer

If you can't decide which of the two above you like the most, you can try becoming a full-stack developer, a mixture of front-end and back-end development.


9. iOS developer

As an iOS developer, you'll work on creating applications for Apple-powered mobile devices. If this sounds interesting, give it a try!


10. Android developer

Android developer, just like an iOS developer, works on creating applications for mobile devices, only this time, they should be powered by the Android system.


Once you pick your favorite freelance job, it's time to create an account on freelance job boards and get your new career started. Good luck!

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