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Our key benefits

best conditions for the best results

Working process control

Our internal tracking tool gives our clients the option to view screenshots and see the time contributed to their project, so you'll be able to check the status of your freelancer anytime. Evaluate the work before submission and analyze your freelancer's output vs. time ratio.

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Pay for quality results

The payment system is simple and fast once you're satisfied with the finished product or the milestones results. Your money leaves escrow only after you review the submitted work, so we guarantee secure, safe and fair transactions for both parties.

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Project manager as your key to success

We offer the services of a highly proficient technical project manager hired, certified and controlled by Ithire who will take the responsibility of planning, procurement and execution of your project by effective management of your development team. By delegating your project to our project managers you insure the speed, quality and effective control of your project.

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Top 5%

Our company values the client's trust by ensuring high quality project realization, which becomes real with a complex and detailed selection process of freelancers and project managers. We collaborate only with the ones who are able to demonstrate the level of professionalism we are looking for.

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These unique features generate the values you have been looking for so long.

Hire a professional

Some client love

The right choice is up to you

“The Project Manager suggested me the services he could provide based on my project requirements. He took the responsibility of control and planning of my project realization. I have chosen the option, due to which my team of freelancers was gathered by the PM. The project was completed with high quality and the freelancers met the deadlines properly.”
“They have an option to Escrow and then release amount once the job is completed. This option makes me feel more confidence towards the platform. It's also possible to create tasks and mark those which are done or in progress. So, I see the ITH more as an online working tool rather than a place to find a freelancer. It is even better if you already have working relationship with your freelancer and move to this platform.”
“I have been working with a Project Manager, who gathered a team of developers for my project. He was very responsive and I could constantly get in touch with him and discuss my project's upcoming progress. The deadlines were met properly and the quality was excellent.”

3 simple steps

Post a job

Provide necessary information concerning your project and the expected duration. After that, just review talented freelancers' applications to become a part of your project.

Contact dedicated project manager

Our project managers are there to insure the project success by effective initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling of your project, delivering it on time and on budget.

Pay with a safe and fair payment model

We ensure safety for client's investments with a payment model which allows money transfers only in case of client approval, which stands after the final job or milestone review by the customer.