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Is Wix Better Than Shopify

07 October, 2022

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If you are an e-Commerce business launcher, who struggles with the question, “Is Wix better for my business than Shopify?” Keep your attention on reading the article to find relevant answers to start your business successfully.


Many business owners with business ideas face difficulties figuring out which website builder is effective and efficient. In many cases, winning the prize is a Wix vs. Shopify battle.


Wix and Shopify, both aim to build e-Commerce websites to sell products or provide services on online platforms. However, a range of factors need to be considered while making a choice, such as:


  • Usability
  • Website Fee
  • Design Availability
  • App Store Functionality Options

Wix vs Shopify

Many components exist that you should take into deep consideration prior to making a reasonable decision. Let’s go through the most vital elements you need to take into the analysis filter and correspond them to your business needs.




Figure out the features you would like to emphasize in your service or product website. Is it the content with extended features to create a content-rich website? If yes, so Wix should be your choice. Wix allows numerous opportunities to develop engaging content, which may seem limited in Shopify. Wix has the necessary features to have a friendly website from a marketing perspective.


However, if your goal is to have a good and easygoing website for sale purposes and emphasize your products or services, credits need to go to Shopify. Definitely, Shopify has the possibility to create content for products or services, as well as a blog opportunity to publish articles and useful content for your audience, but be aware that the priority and focus of Shopify are Sales!

Website Fee


Wix offers a free plan to start with to explore the website builder before making a decision. So, it could be an excellent chance to give it a try and study Wix functionality. It also offers around 7 plans with different limitations for monthly packages: Combo $16, Unlimited $22, Pro $27, VIP $45.


The pinpoint is that Wix is a good option for a professional website. Still, it has differences in pricing; if you want to accept online payments for your services, get ready to choose between Business Basic $27, Business Unlimited $32, and Business Vip $59 packages.


On the flip-flop, Shopify offers a low-cost plan familiar as Shopify Lite. This plan of $9 monthly allows you to use its e-Commerce features on your already existing website. Shopify functions perfectly without any limitations for products or service displays. Shopify has the possibility to attach to social media and promote your products easily, as well as discounts and gift cards to boost your sales abruptly.

Design Availability


If you are looking for comprehensive design options, Wix has around 1000 templates you can select from and build your website. In case you have no idea, no problem; Wix has the possibility of Artificial Design Intelligence, where you need to pick your favorite color and font and leave the rest of the design implementation to Wix Artificial Design Intelligence to work for you. Your website needs to utmost its visual attractiveness.


Meanwhile, Shopify has around 10 free templates and more than 70 themes you may use for your website appearance. Shopify also offers premium design options, which require an average fee of around $200.


App Store Functionality Options


As far as Shopify is convenient for large businesses, it also has enhanced app store availability, such as:


  • Global shipping options
  • Customer wishlist
  • Product reviews
  • Currency conversion


Wix is convenient for small businesses that work locally and do not require extensive marketing and sales options.

Transfer From Wix to Shopify

If you see yourself as a global product or service provider, though you have already built a store in Wix and find your business perspectives limited. Don’t worry, there is always a solution. Let’s see how to switch from Wix to Shopify without any dramatic issues. Here are the steps:


  1. Create a Shopify website 
  2. Take a design template and customize it based on your requirements
  3. Transfer your store data from Wix to Shopify, including the domain
  4. Enjoy the journey!


The process may seem tricky and time-consuming, but it is absolutely workable. Many companies extending their business scale also seek chances how to switch their store data from Wix to Shopify without any business failures.

So, you are not alone! Map your business mission and vision before taking any steps. It is a pretty important decision that requires analysis leading to your business thriving.

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