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Hire the best freelance game developer at Ithire. Our professionals will help you create an engaging game and scale your business. No matter what type of game you want to build, we're here to help! 

But first, let's first figure out: 

How to make a video game: short intro to game development 

Of course, we can't explain that you can create a video game in one paragraph, but we can help you grasp the process. Here are the main steps a video game designer goes through when developing a new game: 

  • 1) Researching 

Every good project starts with detailed research. It's helpful to skim through some famous gaming platforms like Remedy games or Miniclip games and figure out which type of game you want to create. 

  • 2) Working on the design outline 

Visualize the project and try to find the best gaming images you can. Create a clear design outline and try to maintain it throughout the project. 

  • 3) Start programming 

Or, in your case, start hiring a game developer that can do the job right! 

Talking about hiring, here's how to: 

Find the best game developer at Ithire 

Here at Ithire, we only accept the most experienced game developers. So sign in to our platform, create your job post and enjoy working with the best game-development specialists.