Why Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Author: Helen Rebane

02 September, 2022

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If you're an IT company looking to get into mobile app development, then you're probably wondering what technology to use. React Native is a great option for several reasons. In this post, we'll go over why React Native is a good choice and what kind of apps you can create with it. We’ll also discuss how you can use React Native for mobile and web development projects.


Is React Native Good For Mobile App Development 

Is React Native a good choice for your mobile app development project? Yes, and here is why:

React Native is an up-and-coming mobile development platform that offers many advantages for app developers. Here are some reasons why you should consider using React Native for your next mobile app project:


  1. React Native enables you to create apps with a single codebase that will run on both iOS and Android devices. This saves time and effort, since you don’t have to write separate code bases for each platform.
  2. React Native apps are smooth and responsive, thanks to the platform’s native UI components. This gives your users a better experience than they would get from apps created with other development platforms.
  3. React Native lets you use JavaScript, which is a popular language that many developers are already familiar with. This makes learning and using React Native much easier for most people than other mobile development platforms.

Apps Created With React Native

React Native is suitable for all kinds of apps. In this section, we’ll bring examples of some of the most popular apps created with React Native.


  • Facebook

It would be unfair to start this list with any other app than Facebook. Facebook was the reason React Native got developed in the first place. Back then, React Native was simply Facebook’s hackathon project which was launched to meet the needs of the company.


By using React Native Facebook increased its performance significantly. It also later built its own Ads manager app using Facebook, making it available both for iOS and Android users. In short, React Native was a pretty successful project, and not for Facebook alone!


  • Skype 

Yes, you’ve heard it right! The giant in telecommunications applications Skype has used React Native too. In 2017, Skype announced that they were working on a brand new app which would be entirely written with React Native.


  • Airbnb 

Finally, the last app on our list is Airbnb. Airbnb used React Native to build its mobile app. The flexibility that React Native offered helped the company to reuse, iterate or rewrite the code which eventually turned out to be pretty beneficial.


React Native For Mobile and Web Development


Is React Native for Mobile-Only? Turns out now! React Native is good both for mobile and web development. We’ve already talked about how React Native can be helpful in creating mobile apps, so now, let’s understand why it is good for web development.

React Native is also a good choice for web development projects. The platform enables you to create responsive and interactive web applications using the same principles as you would use for creating mobile apps. This makes it easier for developers to transition from mobile development to web development, and vice versa. 

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