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How To Make a Mind Map

05 December, 2022

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In case you get confused while putting all your notes, ideas, tasks, and thoughts together, I suggest you continue reading this article and know how you can easily and organically solve it.

Firstly, what is a mind map?

A Mind Map is a graphical way to brainstorm and organize your ideas. It helps you to represent your concept visually more understandable for the team. It’s not a secret that simplicity is the key, here that “key” is the Mind Map.

What is the difference between a simple presentation, or just taking notes, and the mind map? Well, a mind map is basically a visual tool structured in a way that resembles the way your brain works. Creating a mind map is fun, and it requires artistic and analytical thinking. Thus the process and result are usually more progressive.

How To Make a Creative Mind Map?

First of all, you should note that the process may be confusing at first, but once you get into it, the workflow will go smoothly. 

Here is a step-by-step guide that I like to follow:

  • In the middle of a blank page/paper put your main idea, that you want to evolve.
  • Add subtopics around it and connect them with a line to the main topic in the middle.
  • Continue with generating sub-sub-topics and create a connection between the subtopics.

To make the process visually more pleasant and effective, add colors, and keep the texts short and understandable. Don’t be afraid to give them different sizes, fonts, and colors. While creating your own mind map, you are basically, moving your ideas from your mind onto paper. Thus, you should give your mind map its unique mood and style. 

Depending on your preferences, you have a variety of selections of where and how to create your own mind map. Two of the most used tools to create a mind map are PowePoint and Miro. You can directly start there, or create a map on paper and then simply re-create the same via your PC.

Why is Mind Map more Effective?

The theory behind it is that our brain understands information best when it’s arranged non-linearly. Our information-processing center of our brain, which is called cerebral cortex, helps us process information through colors, numbers, images, words, and shapes. It is where all sensation, perception, memory, thought and association occur.
These abilities are divided between both hemispheres of the brain – the left hemisphere is responsible for logic and the right hemisphere for creativity. When both hemispheres of the brain work together, you digest information easier and faster. 

Nowadays, mind maps are actively used by project managers, designers, students, etc. They prefer it as a tool to communicate their content. 

For some inspiration, I’d suggest you check some examples to have a wider range of options, before creating yours. You can check them on Pinterest, on YouTube, and Canva.

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