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6 Best Wordpress Themes of 2021

Author: Helen Rebane

30 March, 2021

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All of us want our websites to stand out. If you are running your website on WordPress, you can make it unique by downloading a trendy WordPress theme. It might feel like the websites you are looking at which have fancy slideshows or visuals are very expensive. The truth is many WordPress themes out there offer outstanding functionality and are free. 

Ever wondered: “What WordPress theme is that?” when scrolling through a beautiful WP website? Do not worry! You will find it in our list of WordPress themes because we have gathered only the best of the best. But before we start our best WordPress themes 2021 edition, let’s have a quick recap: 


What is a WP theme?


Let’s start with a quick recap: what is a WordPress theme? To be short, it is a file that contains the stylesheets, template files, various images, and even sometimes JavaScript files that make up your website design.

You don’t change your website or database when you Change your theme. It only changes the way your content was displayed on your WordPress website. It also might provide some additional functionality to your page. So, a good theme is all about the look and feel of your page.


Why will a WP theme have an impact on your website?


There are several reasons why you should care about your WordPress theme. First of all, your website’s design is one of the most fundamental factors that keep your users engaged. If you can make your page look outstanding, it will improve your user experience and hence, also will play a role in your SEO. On the contrary, poor design mostly scares off your users and makes your website look insecure. 


Moreover, a good WordPress theme also gives you access to some of the features that can make your website more serviceable to your visitors. For instance, some of the themes allow you to add affiliate links to the products you have mentioned in your blog or page. So, it becomes easier for your visitors to navigate to their favorite products’ pages. Plus, it also makes your job way simpler. 

In short, WordPress theme is one of the most fundamental aspects of your website, and choosing the best one is an absolute must. That is why to help you make the right decision, we have gathered the: 


6 Best WordPress Themes of 2021 


Before we jump into the overview of the themes one by one, you should understand: what type of website is yours? In this blog post, we have divided the article into two main sections:


Themes for business websites and blogs

Themes for portfolios.


So, if you are using WordPress to demonstrate your work as an artist, photographer, or designer: jump right into the portfolio section.

If you have an eCommerce or use your website for professional purposes, then the business section is the one you need. We have also included the bloggers in this section as the themes for both blogs and business websites do not differ much.


If you are looking for a decent theme to use for your food blog, travel blog, or even a personal website for just scribbling down your thoughts, then you’ll find a good choice in our WordPress themes for business, and bloggers will 


Let’s dive deeper into: 


Best WP Themes for Businesses and Bloggers  


First of all, let’s understand what functionalities your business WordPress theme needs to have. One of the main qualities you should consider is the theme performance. Both your blog and business websites cannot work without having top-quality performance. You always have the traffic coming to your page, and slow load speed will scare the users away. 

That is why one of the main pieces of advice you’ll get when looking for a WP theme is to keep it stupidly simple. Sometimes, the website owners make the mistake of getting a bloated theme. These are the themes that are overburdened with features which makes them slow and considerably harms the performance. 

So although it is tempting to choose a theme with mesmerizing animations and slideshows, think about whether they are worth the sacrifice. It is way better to go with simple WordPress themes. Also, try to choose a theme with readable fonts, don’t rush for the fancy fonts because they might be hard to read. 

In short, your key focus should be the performance and not the appearance of your theme. Here are some of the simple WordPress themes that will work the best in this case: 


Sydny Pro 


So, you are looking for the perfect WordPress theme? Congratulations, you've found it! Sydney is one of the most popular themes out there. 


With an impressive five-star review in WordPress and more than active 100.000 installations, Sydney is a ruler in the market. And there are reasons why people love this theme so much!

It has 16 custom widgets that open up a door of endless design options. You can customize your page by changing the colors or fonts. Sydney Pro also gives you five templates and Crelly slider plugin support. So no matter you choose the free or pro option, your business will enjoy it.




This one is for the businesses which are aiming high. If you are a fast-growing business, you cannot afford a slow website. Every minute of your low speed impacts gravely on your conversions and bounce rate. So for big business and blog websites, you need an extra light theme. It will help you to keep the high loading speed of your website.

And here is when Astra comes into play. Astra theme is one of the fastest themes in the market. It has a high-quality code, which is perfectly optimized for performance. In addition to that, Astra offers a wide range of design tools. You have killing footer and header options. You can also play around with fonts and layouts and much more. Customize Astra further with the Beaver or Elementor builders.

Another cool advantage of the theme is that it has an already built-in schema markup that makes it more SEO-friendly. So if you  want to boost your conversions and beat the competitors, Astra will help you along the way.




This theme is a perfect choice for all the online shops out there. Leto is one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes. 


It is a free eCommerce WP theme that has attractive features for your online shop. 


It has a wide header image, a pretty shopping cart configuration, and much more. One of the advantages of the Leto WordPress theme is that it is compatible with WooCommerce. 

Moreover, if you dig deeper into the settings, you will see how many options you have for customizing the theme. You can change the fonts, typography, colors, and much more. Those who know WordPress will easily navigate the settings: all of the customization options use the default WordPress customizer. 

Another great functionality of this free eCommerce WP theme is that it gives you widgets to develop your homepage. You can move around your sections and add media banners. 

No matter if you choose to go with the free or premium version, Leto is by far one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes you can find! 


Best WP Themes for Portfolios 


Remember how we advised you to use simple WordPress themes for your business? Well, the complete opposite works for the portfolios. 

Your portfolio visitors have different expectations compared to the eCommerce visitors, for instance. It allows you to push the border a little further and choose the fancier options. The portfolio visitors do not care if your website is incredibly fast or has an outstanding performance. 

What matters for the portfolio visitors is how good your work is and how well it is displayed. Your work can be excellent, but if you showcase your work inadequately, it will not work. So the main feature you should care about for your portfolio website is its design and fashionable functionality. poorly

Here you can go extra with the animations, slideshows, and pretty much everything you need. But at the same time, make sure you do not overdo it, as your website might significantly drop the load speed. Finally, make sure that the WordPress theme you choose can upload high-quality images and media in general. 


So taking these features into account, here is our best WP themes for the portfolio list: 





Divi is one of the classic WordPress themes. No matter what the purpose of your website is, Divi will work perfectly for it. It has quality coding and a high level of support. But one of the reasons we have included Divi in the portfolio WordPress themes list is its multipurpose functionality and elegant design. 

Divi offers full-width layouts that make portfolios look classy. You can also show off your works in a carousel or a checkerboard style. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of Divi’s drag-and-drop builder, which helps create visually exciting pages. 

In short, Divi is one of our favorites, as it is a flexible and powerful theme that works perfectly for portfolio-building. 




Another flexible theme is the Oshine. Its big community of users can confirm it: Oshine is one of the most flexible themes out there. Oshine also markets itself as a multipurpose theme, but its main target is the creative individuals such as photographers or designers. 

You can choose to build your portfolio from scratch, but choosing your section gutters, overlays, columns, and more. But that’s not it! 

Oshine gives you eight different hovering choices along with seven title options. You have sliders, galleries, and lightboxes to present your works. So you pretty much can turn any portfolio idea into reality with Oshine. 




The last one on our list is Fevr. Although it is not as popular as Divi or Astra, Fevr is  a pretty good choice for portfolios. It is designed specifically for that purpose and has pretty decent portfolio layouts along with different page templates. Its wide range of templates will help you to present your works beautifully. 

Fevr gives you a lot of handy features, such as a space to show your client testimonials, mention your team members, and so on. 

And of course, just like other themes, you can easily customize your website with Fevr. It has endless theme options that allow you to change colors, play around with the background and fonts. In the end, if you want to fully customize it, you can create a child theme and twist it the way you want. 

Finally, Fevr is a pretty fast theme too. It has been PageSpeed optimized, and it also has the bbPress and WooCommerce integrations. 

Here was our list of the best WordPress themes in 2021! However, if designing a WordPress website seems too much of a hassle for you, do not worry. We have a solution for it too. Find the best WordPress freelancers on our platform and get the job done. 

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