What Are the Top Freelance Jobs

Top 10 Best Freelance Jobs 2023

Author: Helen Rebane

01 July, 2022

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Starting a freelancing career is many people’s dream. The freelance job gives you freedom, flexibility and is usually a more interesting career choice as you get to work with all types of clients. But which are the top freelance jobs this year? If starting a freelance business was in your New Year’s resolutions, then we’re sure this list of top freelance jobs we’ll help you figure out where exactly you can start.

Top Freelance Jobs 2023

Get buckled up because in this blog post we’re about to introduce you to the top remote freelance jobs of the 2022.  Just a quick note that we’ve decided to skip all the jobs that require you to even go out of the house, and only included the online ones. So here are the:

Top Online Freelance Jobs

  • 1. Web designer

The first one on our list of top freelance jobs in demand is the web designer! Most of the businesses nowadays have or want to create an online presence for their brand. That’s why web designers are so much in demand. To start your career as a web designer, take a quick course of UI/UX design, create a portfolio, and start applying for the available positions!

  • 2. Web Developer

A similar profession to the web designer is the web developer. Only here, instead of designing the website, you’re the one who creates it and implements that design to push it live. Web development will require from your knowledge of programming languages, but you can learn it really quickly if you put your mind to it.

  • 3. Content writer

If you love writing this one's for you. To become a content writer you don’t even have to spend too much time scrolling through the top freelance jobs websites. Most of the people will have a friend who’s looking for a content writer to help him out in writing content for his website, giving a quick FB ad copy, crafting the text of a landing page and so on.

  • 4. SMM specialist 

Everyone is on social media today, including some big businesses. So if you like managing social media accounts, becoming a freelance SMM specialist can be the perfect choice!

  • 5. Graphic designer

Are you more of a visual person? Have you always thought that creating posters and other visual products is very exciting? Then take an online graphic design course and start working!

  • 6. Motion graphic designer

You can also try yourself as a motion graphic designer, by creating short animated video clips.

  • 7. Editor

If you really know your language well and are strongly familiar with the structure and mechanism of a good storytelling or essay-writing, you can try yourself as a freelance editor.

  • 8. Proofreader

This one is very similar to the previous one. Only here, you don’t need to provide structural comments and dive too deep into the text. You simply need to make sure that no spelling or major grammatical mistakes are present in the document.

  • 9. Voice over artist

As a freelance voice over artist, you’ll simply be asked to read a specific text and use your pleasant voice and perfect diction skills when recording it.

  • 10. Online tutor

Use the Internet to become a freelance tutor, and teach whatever you’re good at.

This was our list of top remote freelance jobs and online opportunities for this year. Let us know which one you liked the most!

Updated: 03 March, 2023

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