5 Best Freelance Jobs That Require no Skills

Author: Helen Rebane

01 July, 2022

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Can you do freelance work without having skills and figure out how to earn money? Of course, you can! It might be hard to believe but the times when you absolutely had to have years long experience to start earning good money are gone! Today you can start working as a freelancer even if you have never worked before. In this article, we’ll list a couple of those perfect jobs, so let’s get straight into it! 

Freelance Jobs that Require No Skills

Finding freelance and remote jobs that require no experience or skills— this phrase sounds like fiction to most people out there. But the truth is that you can easily find freelance work with no skills. To help you out, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular:


Freelance Jobs With No Skills


  • 1. Transcriber


Although there are many online transcription tools now, many individuals or companies have very clear transcription rules they like to follow and don’t like automatic services that much. These people are looking for manual transcribers who can sit down for a couple of hours and simply transcribe the audio to text. Of course, there are no skills required! You just need to be carefully listening to the audio and writing everything down. That’s all you need to earn money!


  • 2. Voice over artist


Love to read and have a great voice? Well use it to earn some money! There are different cases when voice over can be needed in the video, but for most of those cases companies wouldn’t hire in-house professionals and would just outsource or hire a freelancer instead. So it could be your chance to earn money as a voice over artist!


  • 3. Data entry specialist


Most of the data entry specialists are just given an extensive source of data and asked to enter it in a specific way to a specific platform. You require nothing for this one except patience and attentivity. But there’s something you can work on, if you’re getting a pretty impressive salary in return, right?


  • 4. Online support specialist


Although it does not require any skills in the beginning (except from the soft skills, of course), it does require you to sit down and learn the product of the company you’ll be working for from A to Z. This is because you’ll be answering hundreds and thousands of questions regarding the product, or the services that the company offers, and you need to know exactly how all of it works.


  • 5. Personal assistant 

Sometimes people need help with their own personal work. They might need you to find and book the cheapest airport ticket to Paris. Or maybe ensure that all the guests invited to the birthday celebration have responded to the email that the event was canceled. There are many different small, personal tasks that most people don’t have time for and prefer to hand it over to someone else. So this would be your chance to take the responsibility and become a freelance virtual assistant!


This was our list of freelance with no skills jobs, so pick your favorite “freelance with no skills work” and start earning money! 

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