The disadvantages of being a web developer

Author: Helen Rebane

21 June, 2022

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You're thinking about starting a career in web development but are not so sure yet? Well, to be honest, there are reasons not to be sure. Although many people consider web development one of the best professions today, and it has usually been included in the lists of the best paid 2022 professions, we still advise you to think twice before starting your web development career.


And here's why:


What are the disadvantages of being a web developer?

Before we tell you what are some main drawbacks of a web developer's work, let's understand what exactly a web developer does. Web development is the process of creating a website that will function on the Internet.


There are mainly three types of web developers:

  • Front-end developers who take care of the appearance and feel of the website
  • Back-end developers who are mainly focused on the more technical aspects of website creation, and
  • Full-stack developers who can do it all!


Overall, the reasons people choose to become a web developer are:

  • High salary: the good, the average web developer will earn around $105K per year
  • High demand: most businesses now have or want to create a website, so the demand for web developers is pretty high.
  • Fun work: many people actually enjoy the process of developing a website and consider the work pretty fun

Now that we've discussed what web development is and what are its main benefits, let's skim through the:

Disadvantages of the web developer's career

Although web development is pretty engaging work for many, there are also some disadvantages to being a full-time web developer. Let's skim together through the four main web developer disadvantages, and see why some people dislike this job:


  • The trends always change

It's not a secret for anyone that the industry of computer technologies is changing all the time. New trends are popping up nearly every month, so the work of the web developer will never be fully complete. Even if you create a perfect website, there will be something to update and change a couple of months later.

  • Clients are sometimes too tough to handle

If you want to become a web developer, you must be ready to deal with challenging projects and sometimes very demanding clients. There can be cases when no matter what you do, your clients are not satisfied. Sometimes, your clients might also not know the difference between front-end and back-end development and demand you to do both. Overall, handling the needs of the clients is one of the most problematic parts of the work.


  • Tight deadlines

Finally, the part which most web developers hate the most: the deadlines are too tight! Especially if you're working for startups, expect them to require extraordinary work from you and demand the website to be ready ASAP. Most of the clients do not understand how much time it takes to develop a quality website, and they anticipate you being able to work with pretty demanding deadlines.


With these disadvantages in mind, try to analyze for yourself whether web development is the right career for you or not. Let us know what you figured out in the comments section!

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