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How to Become a Freelancer With No Experience

10 October, 2022

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If you are struggling because of an overloaded schedule in office work and have no time for yourself to spend with family and friends. You must stop being desperate and seek new opportunities to live your best life. One of the most fantastic and popular options to juggle personal life and work while being financially independent is freelancing. It is time to learn how to become a freelancer with no experience.


Let’s go try to map the journey of the freelance world and figure out the most utilized and workable options you need to follow.


Step 1: Stop Overthinking

Just believe that overthinking does not solve problems but adds more issues to the list. Even if you have no experience, it does not diagnose the probability of failure. The advice of the day, take a breath and ask yourself: “How can I become a sustainable profit-generating freelancer even with no experience?”


Step 2: Define your Passion

In order to get the question above, figure out what you enjoy doing the most that can become a profitable source for starting your career as a freelancer. Is it programming, marketing, maybe UI/UX design, or Graphics? Anycase, it is a crucial point to be determined to move forward.


Step 3: Create a Simple Website

When you are already aware of the career direction you prefer to follow, it is time to shout out about it to sell your services to the world and make quality. The website should not necessarily be built with complex programming languages or take a considerable amount of time. The website aims to promote your skills to your potential customers and display your portfolio.


Step 4: Help Potential Customers Find You

Ease the path of potential customers to find you by adding contact information on your website and a link to Calendly, so people may schedule a call and discuss their projects with you. Remember, people are short of time, so as easy is the process as smoothly it will go.


Step 5: Add your Portfolio

Don’t forget about adding your portfolio to your website, as company and business owners appreciate an excellent portfolio when hiring a freelancer. It is about representing your skills and knowledge on how to sell yourself as a professional freelancer with no experience.


Step 6: Create a Network

People, connections, and relationships are the most vital components of the contemporary world. Creating networks will open new opportunities for you as a freelancer, and it considers a great chance to follow the activities of other experienced freelancers and learn from them.


Step 7: Email marketing

Try to make personalized emails to offer your services to your target audience. You may send specific and valuable content to companies introducing your skills and letting them know how your services may work for their businesses. Please, don’t spam with too much data. Make it short and personalized.


Step 8: Invest in Yourself

Finding customers and earning money is not the end of the story. Requirements change daily, so you need to invest in yourself if you want to have demand for your services. Never stop learning and educating yourself.


Step 9: Raise your Rates

Reaching from no experience to an experienced freelancer means starting a new era by raising your freelance rates. If you bring value to people and their businesses, you must get corresponding payment for your services. Create demand to earn more money.


Step 10: Enjoy your journey

Try to gain the utmost of life and get the pleasure of it. The path may be complicated and full of challenges though no dawn occurs without darkness. Keep going!

Portfolio For Freelancer With No Experience

Creating a portfolio for a new industry-arrived freelancer with no experience may seem bizarre, though it is absolutely feasible. Remember, you can be your customer and do some work for yourself to add them to your newly built portfolio. You may take these website builders to create a solid portfolio:


How to Sell Yourself as a Freelancer With No Experience


At the end of the day, it is not only about the experience but about the ability to present yourself as a trustworthy and professional freelancer who knows how to deliver value and meet the needs of the customers. Never label yourself as a freelancer with no experience. Keep investing in yourself and selling yourself even with no experience. It is not an eternal process. Once you overcome it, good fortune is guaranteed. 

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