How to Find Skilled Developers in 2021


The technology industry continues to develop by jumps bounding with numerous technical innovations all around the world. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, many tech companies are still in great demand for developers. Tech companies are always hiring cybersecurity engineers, DevOps, and many other engineers due to the high number of phishing attacks and severe digital competition amid the pandemic. 

Research suggests that hiring developers has never been this effortless with so many conference apps being available.

However, finding developers may seem quite complicated if you do not know how many opportunities you have in the contemporary digital world. From social media to customized platforms, you can find any developer you need:  freelancer, in-house, full-time, or part-time.

Remember, it’s best if you combine several strategies while searching for developers to come up with the best catch out there.  


Here are some of the most popular platforms of 2021 to consider while looking for skilled developers online.



LinkedIn is a social media website mainly built for professional networking. As a small business, you can use the platform to find a developer among a wide range of candidates. 

What do you need to do?

Build your company’s profile page

Have both your current and former employees connect through the page

Search for developers using keywords (JS, Java, Python)

Send personalized invitations (Hello John…)

Remember, your current employees play a significant role in whether you will o have a good catch or not.



Just like Linkedin, Quora is another great platform (though less professional) where developers love to gather and share their knowledge. The easiest way to find a developer is by searching for topics in your area of interest. For instance, you can ask a certain tech stack question and have it answered by superb software developers. 

In a word, Quora hosts many gifted professionals, however, keep in mind that most Quora developers work for some of the biggest companies out there like Facebook, Google, so it will be quite challenging to find full- time developers here.

You can click here to learn more about how you can use Quora for further research.


Developer Meetups and Forums


A great way to get to know and connect with developers is to look for annual conferences or meetups locally. Even though due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many meetings have been transformed into virtual reality, finding a developer and recruiting them online is still relevant and possible. 

Just keep in mind that there exist a lot of different meetup categories, such as WCIT, Pycon

make sure you attend one, which coincides with your area of interest.


Coding Challenge Websites 


Coding Challenge websites can be a great place to search for potential developers, as developers who perform well, get featured on the related sites. Just search the specific skills you need for the project, and you may even find the code the particular developer has written. 

TopCoder, Coderbyte, HackerRank, CodeChef, and even HireVue are some of the greatest websites where you can find a matching developer. Some of them publish weekly blogs that make your searching journey even easier. You can even find some awesome challenge tests on sites like HireVue to test the developers before actually hiring them.


Facebook Groups 


Another efficient way to find a developer is by joining Facebook groups of developers or freelancers based on the location or a specific tech infrastructure. Of course, it may take some time to join certain groups due to their terms and conditions, however, it is usually not a big deal to post on those groups as long as you follow their regulations. Once you are accepted to the group, take your time and engage with the community, provide value to get one. After some time, you can post about your job opportunity or outreach the desirable candidates privately and schedule interviews with them if they get thrilled about the offer. 





Freelance Platforms 

If you consider hiring a freelance developer, looking for them in a freelance platform is probably the wisest thing to do. Before starting your research, keep in mind that freelance platforms are usually grouped into two main categories: general and niche.

General includes the most well-known and widespread platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, Guru. Among the high number of registered freelancers, you will surely find developers through these platforms. However, the major problem in general platforms is that there is no vetting of developers, hence anyone can claim to be one, while niche platforms are originally made for developers. These usually have wider and more extensive evaluating procedures, which will accelerate the process of finding the right candidate for your business.


Among some of the most popular niche freelance platforms, is quite an outstanding one. The platform lets the clients track how many hours the freelancer has been working on their project by viewing the screenshots. The payment method is simplified as much as possible. Money is being paid only after the client reviews the submitted tasks so that both parties will stay satisfied.

Finally, the feature that makes Ithire a bingo is the presence of the magical project managers. The company offers highly professional project managers certified and controlled by Ithire to plan, monitor, and execute your project and of course, guide the development team. 

Sounds confusing? How does it work? 

Project managers contact the client introducing themselves and their experience. After choosing a certain pm for the project, the client can either choose the developers or leave it on the pm to decide. Either way, Ithire makes sure there is no miscommunication between the clients and the freelancer

s. This unique feature makes the realization of the project quite effective which leaves entrepreneurs highly pleased. 

Post a job and find a freelancer on for yourself! 


Let’s wrap it up! 

After finding a freelancer, one may say that even more challenges emerge such as the planning and implementation of the project. However, it all starts with choosing the right team members for your project. Just like when you try to hire a long-term employee to work in your company, finding a freelancer is the same. Put some reasonable effort into finding a developer, and you will have half of the job done!