React Chrome Developer Tools

Author: Helen Rebane

10 August, 2022

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Devtools, also referred to as React aChrome Developer Tools, are Chrome add-ons for the React JavaScript framework that will benefit you in the development process.

As a React developer, you may easily adapt your codes accurately by using the Chrome plugin to debug your React apps.

  • What is React Chrome Development Tools?

React Chrome Development tool is a browser plugin available on Chrome to be downloaded and installed within one click. This plugin not only extends the functionality of React Chrome development with access to debugging tools, but it also enables React Developers to easily regulate and convert the React component tree view representing hierarchical data.

  • How to set up and utilize the React Chrome Extension

How to install:

The extension must first be added to your Chrome browser by clicking the "add to Chrome" button.

How to use:

After having installed the React developer tools Chrome extension on your browser, it’s time to utilize it.

You need to open the application of your choice and click on the extension tab to inspect it. It’s very easy, if the application maintains its colour then we are working with an app developed by React.js, however if it turns out to be colourless, well it’s easy to guess what was left out of the app's development.

If you wish to further use the extension, you can go ahead and choose Inspect from the dropdown menu. Here you will have access to a number of functions to examine and revise the structure and condition.

  • The 10 best Chrome web react developer tools in 2022

React Developer Tools

React developer tools as we already talked about above is an open-source React JS library, the most popular and efficient way of debugging.


Reactide is not only the first IDE solely intended for developing React web applications, but still it's also among the more useful approaches up to this day by web developers. It is also enriched with component visualization guaranteeing a visual editing assistant right off the bat.


The main goal of the Storybook tool is to help the developer visualise stories that will reflect components in action without having anxiety of breaking the UI elements and distorting the user experience.

React Cosmos

React Cosmos provides the developers with isolated settings to reuse, test, and develop UI components to strengthen the component design.

The advantages React Cosmos comes with:

  • Visual TDD to create one component at a time.
  • Component library keeps you organized and offers a strong base of test cases.
  • Open platform can be applied in effective methods like snapshot and visual regression testing.

Updated: 20 January, 2023

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