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The 2022 Web Developer RoadMap

Author: Bridget

31 October, 2022

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There has never been a better time to learn how to code or pursue a career in tech than now. Web developers are in high demand, and that demand is increasing exponentially. Free and paid online tutorials can teach you the skills you need to get a job as a web developer. The beautiful part is that you don't need a Computer Science degree. Kickstart your tech journey with this web developer roadmap 2022. 

This article is about a web development roadmap. It discusses the skills you need and the tutorials you can use to learn them.

Full Stack Web Developer RoadMap

To be a good full-stack developer, you need to know a lot about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You should also know how to use frameworks like React and Angular, including libraries like jQuery.

Web Development Basics

Every web developer must learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the three most important technologies for building web applications, and they won't go away any time soon.

Nonetheless, to become a proficient web developer, you need to know more than just these technologies. You also need to know how the web works behind the scenes and be able to use different tools and frameworks. But if you are just starting out, you should focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript first.


HTML and CSS are the foundations of every website. Any good web developer needs to know how to use these two languages. Without these two languages, a website would just be a mess of images and text. But with HTML and CSS, you can change your site's layout, font, colors, and general look.

Don't worry about learning all the tags and properties when you are just starting. Just try to learn the basics of how the two languages work. Once you know how to do that, you can try out more advanced techniques.

You can learn the basics of CSS and HTML using any of the courses listed below: 



How The Internet Works

Watch this video to understand how the web works: How Does The Internet Work

If you already know the basics of how the web works, like domain names, DNSs, servers, web browsers, and hosting, you don't need to spend much time here.

You just need to know what these things are and what they are used for, and then you can move on without wasting time.
You are learning web development, not DevOps. If you need to know more about DevOps later on, you will be able to.

Git and GitHub For Web Developers

Git is a version control system that is free and open source. As a web developer, you must know it because it is a standard in the field.

Git's purpose is to keep track of changes to the code, making it easy for many developers to work on the same project simultaneously.

On the other hand, GitHub is a cloud-based code repository where you can store your Git code in either a private or a public repository.

Learn more about Git and GitHub by reading this article: The Beginner’s Guide To Git and GitHub

Also, read the article above to learn how to install Git and make a GitHub account if you don't already have one. Every project you make is a chance to use Git and GitHub.


JavaScript is a scripting language that runs in web browsers. It is the most popular programming language on the web.
It is often used to give a website dynamic features like showing or hiding elements when the mouse is clicked, animations, displaying dynamic and interactive elements like timers and drop-down menus, asking for more information from another website or API, validating form elements, etc.

JavaScript can also be used to build whole applications or as a back-end programming language, but for now, we just want to learn the basics.

Here are the first things you have to know about JavaScript:


  • Scope
  • Operators for assignment, arithmetic, comparison, and if/then statements
  • if and switch
  • Functions, break, continue
  • Break and keep going for loops
  • Objects, JSON
  • Events
  • DOM manipulation

You can learn more about JavaScript here or start by watching this YouTube video, JavaScript Crash Course.


These are the most important technologies and tools you will need to know if you want to become a web developer in 2022. This is just one way to get started with web development roadmap. In the end, you will need to learn a lot of skills. This web developer roadmap is a great place to start, but remember that learning is a process that never ends. Stay interested and open to learning new things, and you will be well on your way to a successful career as a full-stack web developer. If you want to hire a freelance web developer for your projects, then you should visit our website today to hire some of the best hands in the industry. 

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