Best Freelancing Sites 2023

Author: Helen Rebane

28 June, 2022

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Freelancing seems to be the new normal. According to the statistics, in 2027, nearly 50% of the US workforce will be freelancing. But with so much competition, finding an excellent freelancer who can successfully complete your work is getting harder and harder. Don't worry though, we're here to help! But first let's understand

What do freelancers do?

They earn more online! Compared to traditional employees, they also earn extra money as they usually have a couple of gigs at the same time. It's also way easier to work with freelancers as their schedule is highly flexible.

Now let's take a look at the:

Top freelancing sites

Looking for good freelance job boards to find remote jobs or hire freelancers? You're in the right place because we're about to list them all!

Here are the top IT freelancing websites

  • Ithire

Our platform is one of the bests in the freelance services` marketplace, especially if you're looking specifically for freelance programmers and other IT specialists.

  • Upwork

Another famous freelancing platform is Upwork. Here you can find all types of freelancing positions: be that in graphic design, web development, customer service, or social media management; Upwork has specialists for all industries.

  • Toptal

Finally, the last one on our list is Toptal. It's pretty popular among big companies, but remember that you might need to pay a little too much for a freelancer from Toptal. That's why, if you're only launching your startup and are looking for affordable solutions, it's better to go for another platform.

Updated: 20 January, 2023

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