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Author: Helen Rebane

28 June, 2022

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Don't know where to find freelancers? Don't scroll through Google searches too much cause you're already in the right place. Ithire is the best site to find freelancers and start working with them remotely. We'll make sure all of your business ideas come to life! But before we tell you why Ithire is one-of-a-kind freelancing job board and one of the best places to find freelancers, let's understand:

Who are freelancers?

A freelancer is a person who works with a couple of clients at the same time, without signing a full-time contract, and most of the time works remotely. Usually, they do not show long-term commitment to one client only and work on project-based bases.

Some popular freelancing jobs are:

Why is freelancing the future?

Why are more and more people starting to freelance? The answer is easy! Both for freelancers and their employers it’s a more convenient, flexible and productive working model. Here are some of the main advantages of freelance work:

  • It has no strict schedule
  • It gives more freedom
  • It pays well for freelancers and is a more affordable option for their employers

All this said, let’s understand how you can: 

Find the best freelancers online

Ithire will help you find freelancers to work with. Our platform is the best place to find remote freelancers who will efficiently complete your project.

Here are a couple of reasons you should be working with Ithire freelancers:

  • Quality work: No matter the project, we guarantee only the highest quality freelance work.
  • Affordable hourly rate: If you're working in startups or small businesses, you know budgeting is the key to success. We understand that too, and so we offer affordable hourly rates!
  • Complete control over the process: See exactly at which stage your project is with our online tracker and have full control over the workflow.

So sign in to Ithire, open your job postings and start to work remotely!

Updated: 20 January, 2023

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