New Website Design Trends 2023 with pictures

New Website Design Trends 2023

Author: Bridget

13 October, 2022

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Technology changes constantly, and so do website design trends. Design elements and website features that were once fresh and new may have become old, overused, and boring in recent years. When people visit your site, the last thing you want is for them to leave because it looks old or doesn't follow current trends in website design.

But don't worry, this article on website design trends 2023 will help you stay updated with the latest website design trends. 
Here, we will share some of the latest trends, innovations and standards in website design for 2023. So grab a coffee, sit back, relax and keep reading till the end.


Website Design Trends 2023

There are some things about web design that will never change. For example, your site should always be easy to navigate (user-friendly navigation), keep your data safe (data security), and load quickly (fast load times). But you can make sure your site stays on the cutting edge of design and search engines by adding some of these new trends of website design.

Animated Cursors
One fun way to customize your website user's experience is to enhance how they interact with your web elements, such as how they move their cursor. This 2023 website design trend is already delighting users with how subtle it is. By changing the cursor's shape or adding animations triggered by the cursor, visitors can have fun interacting with different -click commands or scrolling behaviors. 

Grid System
In 2023, web designers will be opting for an asymmetric design style. Grid Layout is a method for laying out cascading style sheets in a grid format. People often use CSS Grid Layout to bring the full power of print layout to the web. 
Grids let web designers build layouts for responsive web designs that are complicated. It also makes websites look more professional.

The Use of Chatbots more like "Chatbuds"
Another feature that has been popular for a few years and will still be a part of useful website design trends in 2023 is the chatbot. As AI and machine learning continue to get smarter, chatbots will likely become the norm for simple customer service requests and "personal shopping."

For example, if a customer goes to your website looking for phone support and the chatbot knows that the customer is eligible for a free phone upgrade, it can tell the customer about it. Customers will get to know about the promotion through the chatbot. This can make the customer happy and save the business the cost of customer service that comes with talking to a real person.

Voice-Sensitive Interface
People are changing the way they get information. Instead of typing something into Google, they now ask a question or make a demand through voice search. This means that web design is evolving to keep up with the popularity of virtual assistants and voice chatbots. Although most websites don't have voice-activated interfaces, this latest website design trend will likely stick around for a while.

We can expect more and more websites to offer voice search as an alternative to text search in the coming years.

Frosted Glass Effects
Recent improvements in web development technology have made it easy for websites to have the look of frosted glass. The blurry look of the things behind the frosted glass overlay adds color to an area and makes it possible for text or other objects to be placed on top of the image without making it hard to read.

The effect has become a popular choice for designers and is used in place of gradients as a background.

Data Visualization
Communicating data in an interactive way is a bit challenging. But it is worth it because data visualization takes advantage of the fact that people are visual creatures while still getting the message across. Infographics and graphs are two of the most common ways to make data more interesting. 

Data visualization turns your data into pictures that are exciting to look at and make people want to learn more about your brand.

Full-page Headers
In 2023, web design will likely use a lot of full-page headers. This is because most people tend to look at the top left corner of your page the most. A standard method is to put meaningful text or call-to-action buttons on the left side of the header and attractive images on the right.

Smart Video
No matter the purpose of your website, you can never go wrong with smart videos. For the past few years, videos marketing has taken the center stage in the world of digital marketing, with about 86% of marketers using videos in 2021. Therefore, the use of video content is one of the latest website design trends in the world today. 

As we all know, people love videos! And that’s why content publishers and marketers use them whenever they want to increase engagement. 

While videos are naturally effective, you need to have a solid plan for your video publishing efforts. A smart video is a video that has a purpose and a meaning. Just know that one well-planned, high-quality video is better than a dozen thrown together without much thought.

For example, the way CEI uses video in their hero image is interesting and does not get in the way. It is also a fun way to show what they do – selling cheap printers and copiers to Raleigh businesses.


New Trends of Website Design: Eye-Catching, Fast and Clean

Changing how your website looks can be good for your brand and sales. When you think about website design trends 2023, consider custom illustrations, animated cursors, and a mix of photos with other graphical elements. All of these and more will help keep your site fresh in 2023. 

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