10 Best Freelance Jobs for Teens

Author: Helen Rebane

01 July, 2022

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Freelance work for teenagers is a great way to start a career without having any work experience. As a teen, you’re probably looking for something easy and simple to start with and earn some pocket money. If you could relate to the previous statement, then you’re in the right place.


Here’s our guide on: 

How to Start Freelancing as a Teenager


Don’t know how to start a freelancing career as a teenager? Well we’re here to help! We’ve gathered for you the ten best freelance and remote jobs for teens to help you kickstart your career! 

Freelance Jobs for 16 Year Olds


  • Data entry specialist

You’ll be given a bunch of data and asked to organize it in a specific manner. Yes we know that it’s probably not that of a thrilling job, but it’s surely a nice way to start earning money without any skills or experience required!


  • Junior graphic designer

If you have time to start learning new things and taking courses, then we suggest you dig deeper into the visual arts sphere and take a short course on graphic design. Of course, it will take you some time to figure out how Illustrator or Photoshop work, but in the end, it will be a rewarding experience.


  • YouTuber

Find a topic that you’re passionate about and start your own YouTube channel! You can also simply start vlogging about your life.


  • Content writer

Do you love writing? Then why not turn it into a career? No, we’re not suggesting you spend hours on writing your first novel. Instead, you can find quick and easy freelance writing gigs and earn money by writing how-to blogs, Facebook copies, and so on!


  • Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant like a digital secretary. You mainly work on things that your supervisors did not have time to handle themselves, like writing emails, booking flights, and so on.


  • Video editor

If you’re good at cutting and mixing the video clips, and you enjoy the editing process then you can consider doing it for others. One of the main software you will need in this job is Adobe Premier, but of course, you can easily work with its alternatives too. As long as you get the job done, no one cares which software you use.


  • Photo editor

This one is very similar to the video editor job, but instead of working with videos, here you work with photos.


  • Complete surveys

There are some people who are willing to pay you for simply completing their surveys—we know it’s crazy, but it’s true! So why not give it a shot?


  • Online English teacher

Are you a native English speaker? Well it already means that hundreds of individuals and companies are ready to hire you!


  • UI/UX designer

Again, you need to learn stuff for this one. But don’t worry, it’s not too difficult. Just find a quick UI/UX course online and start working.


How much does a teenager cost in the freelancing world?

Of course, as you don’t have many skills or experience your salary will be lower compared to your adult counterparts. But if you get enough clients, you’ll be able to earn decent money!


Where do I start?

Take a short course if needed or simply open your account in one of the freelancing platforms and start working.


What skills should I have?

Aside from your professional skills, you need to have highly developed soft skills. This is the key to success!

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