Ithire Payment Protection


At IThire, our Payment Protection service enhances the security of payment procedures, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality services and benefits.


Payment Protection Policy for Clients:


  • Clients have the ability to review freelancer activity by accessing screenshots available on their dashboard and approving weekly payments.
  • In case of any inconsistency between the task and the provided screenshots, clients can report the issue and request a refund for any mismatched hours tracked by the freelancer.


IThire Hourly Protection guarantees the security of hourly-paid contracts. 

Freelancers track their working hours during the week (Monday - Friday), and clients automatically process payments each Friday to Monday.

Funds are held in escrow for 7 days, ensuring everything is in order during the confirmation period. ITHire then transfers the payments to the freelancers.


If your freelancer logs hours not related to your project, you can dispute those hours from the previous week. You'll receive a refund for any hours that don't qualify for IThire Hourly Protection. 

Payment Protection Policy for Freelancers:

  • Freelancers track their working hours using the ITHire Time Tracking application.
  • By meeting the requirements outlined in the Hourly Protection Policy, freelancers will receive payments accordingly.
  • Freelancers automatically receive payments on the 7th day after submitting their work if the client misses the due date for review or modification requests.
  • Freelancers have the option to report any instances where a client declines payment without apparent reason.


For further information regarding ITHire's policies and regulations, please visit our Terms of Service and Hourly Billed Projects Instructions.