Hourly Billed Projects


Ithire offers hourly-paid contracts negotiated by both parties. While creating the job announcement, the client sets the hourly rate preferred, and the freelancers offer their rates for a particular job via proposal submission. The final rate is negotiated during the interviewing process via mutual agreement.

Sign the contract and get to work!

  • Freelancers track their working hours using Ithire Time Tracker;
  • Freelancer’s activity and work progress is available on the client’s Ithire Dashboard;
  • Clients can enable or disable Manual Time Entry for the freelancers;
  • Clients can set weekly limits on working hours per project;
  • Clients can report the logged hours if necessary.


Payment Security

Ithire Hourly Protection secures Hourly-paid contracts. The funds are protected in the safe Escrow for 7 working days, and if everything is in order, Ithire transfers the payments to the freelancers automatically.


Billing Process for Hourly-Billed Contracts

Freelancers get paid every week, the tracked hours per week are automatically submitted for review every following Monday. The client has the time to approve or dispute the freelancer’s activities until the following Friday. After successful approval of the tasks, the freelancer receives weekly payment the following Wednesday.


Enterprises are entitled to have customized billing preferences.