Ithire Project Managers


Ithire Project managers’ team is always there to support and advise our clients.

Have difficulties figuring out various tools or features on the Ithire platform? Don’t know if the project candidates are right for the job? No worries! IThire specialist will resolve any issue the client may encounter.

Ithire provides this service to qualified clients only, Ithire will contact you if you meet the requirements.


The Services Ithire Project Managers provide

Help the client improve the job announcement and make it more appealing for the freelancers;

  • Recommend freelancers qualified and suitable for the job;
  • Shortlist the best freelancers from the submitted proposals for the job;
  • Assist and advise on issues regarding the hiring process on the platform.


Even though Ithire Project Managers assist and advise clients regarding possible hiring issues, after all, it is the client’s obligation to choose and interview the freelancer and finalize the negotiation process.


Whenever you choose to withdraw from this service, simply inform the Ithire Project Manager or contact Customer Support.