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Why Is Refactoring Your Code Important

07 November, 2022

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It’s time to release the project though it does not look either properly structured or clean to reflect the entire hard work you have invested in getting the perfect result. If you are a developer, you need to be familiar with such a situation when you must finalize the code for high-quality functionality. So, you end up having a technical debt that needs to find an early solution, not delay and merge it with the further sprint implementations.

For instance, an American telecom company trying to fasten the release process of software resulted in poor functionality and improperly written code which slowed the process and became the reason for project failure in terms of timeline and financial budget. It clearly confirms that even one single line of an unorganized code may ruin the team's efforts. 

As a developer, you need to input your best abilities to justify your efforts and hand in possibly organized and structured code to your QA team to make their part of the job more manageable. It is vital not to deal with catastrophic problems affecting the project functionality and the live-going processes prior to the release. 

How to Improve Code Quality 

If you are looking forward to learning how to improve code, you need to consider constant reviewing and testing sessions to mitigate the struggles of error fixation later. It occurs when you find the written code of poor quality, which happens in case of poor readability. Although, postponing the code quality improvement later will cost a higher price and require multiple times more energy and time to improve it. 

Code quality includes many features depending on the specific needs of your and your team’s objectives. Nevertheless, several attributes distinguish poor and good quality code. 

Please, always take care for the code to be:


  • Clear and consistent with serving the needs of the set goal. 
  • Understandable for programmers and members who haven’t participated in the task implementation but may deal with it later.
  • Testable and free of bugs 
  • Easy to reuse or replicate the code for further implementation
  • Correspondent to the documentation standards  


It is vital to comprehend that the written code may be clear for the developer who created it. However, it also needs to be understandable for other developers, which urges the code writer to keep technical documentation. Following the description of Damien Conway, documentation is a love letter you need to save for emergency cases in the future. So, it gives detailed insights for the further smooth and effective coding processes. 


Many companies give a guide to developers for the necessary coding standards to upgrade the productivity of team members’ efforts. For instance, companies like Google, Microsoft, and WebKit suggest their guide style options available on the internet and may hint to you as a developer to create your own style. 

Code reviews are essential to fix the current issues, possibly sooner and faster. According to a survey conducted among 740 developers, company employees, and IT specialists turned out that they consider code review the most effective option to improve the code quality. Around 80% of answers borrowed favorable positions for code reviews. 

Many developers utilize GitHub for code reviewing purposes. However, the rise of the IT industry allows plenty of opportunities to apply for pulling requests or check the correctness of the software code. Take a glance the following tools to find the most suitable code reviewer for your regular use.



Refactoring is another useful option for improving the design of existing code. Refactoring can secure cleanness and relevancy without any complexities and possible threats when your code looks puzzling and complicated in terms of readability. It is always preferable to adopt the option of code refactoring to sustain the proper structure of your code and add more features. Let’s dive into more details and get the answer to this compelling question “why is refactoring your created code vitally important?”

Refactoring Improving The Design of Existing Code

Polishing your code is essential to excel in the expected outcome. So, it would help if you dive in to see how to improve the written code quality soon before it goes to QA specialists.

The most suitable answer for a quick solution may be code refactoring to acquire better results you need to follow. 

The core of code refactoring is restructuring the ready code without making any tangible adjustments to the initially created functionality. Refactoring aims to improve the code with minor changes, which is one of the most secure ways to improve the code quality, as the probability of causing any significant harm with small changes is not high. So, it is less likely for the system to get broken while the changes are conducted. 

It is noteworthy that refactoring is not considered a task in the project implementation plan but a regular activity during the programming processes. Whenever a developer completes the code writing, it is necessary to review it to ensure the presence of the structured code before moving forward to other tasks. 

Refactoring is the remedy for not getting puzzled later and struggling with the essentiality of returning to get a better-shaped code. It helps to save time and results in more satisfactory code without changing the code behavior. Shortly it enables you to avoid technical debts and reach your coding result to its utmost while maintaining security and proper performance.

During the procedure of your code review, you will encounter the following states:


  • Red: Code failure
  • Green: Code success
  • Refactor: Suggested options for code improvement


Take a hint at what tools you can apply for refactoring your code to mitigate your efforts.


Refactoring is the guarantee for your perfect code. The tip of the day is not to refer to it as a task but as a regular daily routine that will take around 30-60 minutes and represent considerable support to your team and the set objective of the project. Save your time from future additional tasks and improvements. 

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