10 Java Projects for Beginners

10 Java Projects for Beginners

Author: Helen Rebane

19 July, 2021

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What can be better than learning something by practicing it? Coding is not philosophy: you can not know only the theoretical part and consider yourself a developer. On the contrary, coding demands a hands-on approach to studying if you want to learn it quicker. But most of the projects out there are rather complicated, and you cannot solve them if you are a beginner. 


So, we have singled out the 10 Java projects for beginners for Java enthusiasts to start quickly. Without further adieu, let's jump straight into: 


10 Java Projects for Beginners


These Java projects for beginners are real gems for all the Java learners out there  


Smart City Project 


Smart City Project is one of the most exciting projects you can complete as a Java beginner. 


The project is about creating a platform where the tourists and city visitors, in general, can find information about hotels, popular tours, bus and train tickets, event bookings, and pretty much anything else they might need to start exploring the city.


 It is like creating a small city guide that would have all the necessary resources in it. The Smart City project is a web-based project, and it uses the Java languages for solving most of the problems. 


In short, it is pathfinding, ticket booking, and hotel searching platform. You'll have fun creating it for sure! Here is the source code for the Smart City project. 


Currency Converter 


You have certainly used an online platform at least once in your life to convert one country's currency to another. But did you know that you, too, can make one of those platforms using Java? The currency converter project is all about it. 


As you know, the currencies for each country vary, and they have some daily variations to one another. So when someone uses your platform to transfer money, he should also be informed about these variations and the most updated currency exchange rate.


 Your role as a Java developer is to create a mini platform where people can convert and exchange money from one currency to another. 


It will be a great practice, and in fact, you might need to develop a similar project if you end up working in finance and business-related spheres. The Currency Converter project uses Ajax. You can find the source code for the Currency Converter here


Number Guessing Game


If you want to make your Java learning a little more fun, this project might be ideal for you. The Number Guessing Game is about making your user guess the random number that the computer has generated. Here is a more detailed explanation: 


  • The computer generates a random number that is between 1 and 100
  • The user enters their best guess in the dialogue box prompted to them.
  • The computer tells whether the guessed number is correct or not. If it was incorrect, it hints whether the number is higher or lower than the generated one.
  • The game ends when the user guesses the generated number.


If you want to take the game to the next level, you can also limit the number of guesses, display the score, add more rounds or even give the user some bonuses based on their guesses. 


The Number Guessing Game is a more manageable project compared to the other java projects for beginners in this list. So it can be one of the first ones to start with. 


Here is the code source for the Number Guessing Game. 


Brick Breaker Game


Another fun game for Java beginners is the Brick Breaker Game. You have certainly played one of these games during your childhood. 


In this game, you are given a small ball with a platform, and the rule is to break the bricks without letting go of your platform. The user is moving the platform around using the arrow keys on his keyboard. 


This game, just like the number guessing game, can be recreated using Java. You will practice the OOPS concepts and many other Java principle concepts while having fun creating the project. 


So if you want to go back to childhood for a little, and experience the nostalgia of the Brick Breaker Game one more time, here is the source code to help you. 


Data Visualization Software


In the 21st century, data visualization is one of the most popular fields. Many companies need to represent their data or statistics in an understandable way for their users. All those fun infographics, data visualizing animations, and other scientific data visualization methods can be done using Java. 


The famous Data Visualization Software project aims to: 

  • Represent complex data using infographics or other visual graphics.
  • Create both functional and aesthetic representations of data.
  • Convey the idea behind the data efficiently and provide all the necessary details.

Many data can be hard to unriddle, but it does not mean they do not contain important information. The goal of any data visualization project is to make any data clear and analyzable. You can represent the data using charts, graphics, or even animations. 


You can find the source code for the Data Visualization project here.


ATM Interface


Let's switch from games to more serious projects. You certainly are familiar with the functionality of ATMs. There are five main functions you can make with an ATM. 


Withdraw money, make a deposit, check the transactions history, transfer money or quit. Now you can create a project that creates a similar ATM interface and conducts these five functions. 


For your project, you should first ask your user to provide their ID and user pin. If the user provides the details successfully, the menu with the five functionalities pops up. Once your user chooses the option, he unlocks the further functionalities for the specific selection. 


However, consider that the ATM Interface project is a comparatively complicated one and is a console-based application where you should use five different classes. So you might leave it to complete in a stage when you are more comfortable with Java. 


Here is the source code for the ATM Interface project in Java. 


Web Server Management System


Web Server Management System is a project that deals with information management and maintenance. In real life, a similar project is beneficial for active eCommerce websites. 


As a Java programmer, you should find the solution for Web Server Management System by following these steps: 


  • Identify if the consumer is a business entity, an individual user, or another webserver
  • Identify which is the physical location of the user
  • Identify the URL authorities and names
  • Keep the relationships between the company's web services and consumers

You can find the source code for the Web Server Management System here


Airline Reservation System


Another pretty interesting Java project is the Airline Reservation System project. Here you should create a platform that will allow users to: 

  • Reserve and cancel tickets
  • Automate the functions of the system
  • Provide quick and automated customer responses
  • Deal with the routing functions and transaction management
  • Keep the passenger data

Here is the source code for the Airline Reservation System project. 


Online Book Store


If you are a fan of book stores, especially the online ones, you will love this one. The Online Book Store project is a popular one that aims to simplify the book purchasing process by creating an efficient system that will find the books and identify whether they are available or not. 


You can find the source code for the project here


Snake Game in Java


The Snake Game joins the Brick Breaker and Number Guessing games. It is a 90's game where the purpose is to make the snake eat the tokens without touching the boundaries. The user loses whenever the snake touches the boundary or the screen, and in the end, you should also display the final score. 


You can find the source code for this popular game here


Sum up


As you can see, you don't need to be an advanced Java developer to start working on Java projects. In this blog post, we have mentioned some of the java projects for beginners to start practicing right away. Good luck! 

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