Ithire Dispute Center

Ithire offers services of the Dispute Center for all our customers. The client can request assistance if the payment was released within the last 5 days. The request can be submitted via the Dispute Center page from the client account.


How Dispute Works

Ithire Hourly Protection service allows the client to dispute the freelancer’s tracked hours if one notices the freelancer charging more for the time they worked on the project. 

Note that dispute submissions are available only from Monday to Friday.

A dispute is a formal disagreement on an hourly contract about the current invoice from the freelancer.

Ithire dispute specialist will review and evaluate the freelancer’s Work Diary using the criteria stated in the Ithire Hourly Protection service. It takes up to 5 business days to receive a dispute decision.


How To Open a Dispute

The client can file a dispute in the following steps:

  • Go to the “Question Mark” on your Dashboard and choose “Disputes”
  • Click on the “Start a New Dispute” button on the Disputes page;

  • Fill out all the required fields and click the “Create Dispute” button. 

    Please make sure to explain the situation in the  “Comment” section with enough information to help the dispute specialist to understand your claim.



If you have already spoken with the freelancer and reached a common agreement, or you get a suitable offer from ITHire support team, you have an opportunity to close the dispute by the following steps.


Dispute Decision

Ithire Policy works so that clients can open up a Dispute based on the previous week's invoice. The client should review the freelancer's work for the week that he has worked. After that, the client still has 1 week to evaluate the freelancer's work. 


  • If the specialist decides that the Dispute is in the client's favor, the amount that was billed to the client for the hours in question will be credited to the client's Ithire account.
  • If the specialist decides in favor of the freelancer, the payment client made will be released to them.


While Ithire strives to make sure that every job goes smoothly, sometimes misapprehensions happen. In this case, we're glad our Work Diary feature provided you with an extra level of protection.


Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not satisfied with the quality of work, not the hours billed. Can I file a dispute for that? 

The dispute submission process via Ithire must be based on the hours a freelancer has billed you for. Thus, you cannot file a dispute in case you are dissatisfied with the quality of the freelancer’s work. In such cases, you - the client, and the freelancer should discuss the issue and come to a mutual agreement to resolve the matter.

You can also ask the freelancer for a refund without filing a dispute. The freelancer can agree to return the mentioned amount through the client-freelancer mutual decision and agreement.

Note, that you cannot file a dispute if the freelancer has mentioned a deadline and didn’t complete the work within that deadline. It is a private agreement and should be discussed between the client and the freelancer.


I missed the deadline to file a dispute. What can I do?

Disputes can be filed within the last 5 days after the freelancer got paid for the tracked hours during the week. If you miss this window, you and the freelancer should discuss the matter and try to resolve it together. You can ask the freelancer to submit a refund.

In case you don’t come to any mutual agreement, please contact Ithire Support to learn about our mediation assistance.



I received a notification stating that the disputed hours are not eligible for refund. Can you explain why?

When submitting a dispute via Ithire's dispute procedure, it is necessary for the dispute to be based for the hours for which the freelancer has billed you. If the hours you disputed cannot be refunded, it indicates that our Ithire dispute experts have conducted an investigation and concluded that the freelancer logged hours with satisfactory activity levels that were pertinent to the contract.


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Ithire Support Team.