Billing Methods


Attaching a billing method is one of the essentials of the hiring process. Currently, Ithire supports the following billing methods:

 - Paypal
- Credit Cards (visa/master card)

Credit Cards

Ithire accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards only. Payments will be billed automatically every following Saturday, starting from the moment the contract was signed.


PayPal Transfers

Ithire accepts verified PayPal accounts only. Payments will be billed every following Tuesday, starting from the moment the contract was signed.


The PayPal system will generate subscriptions calculating the maximum billable amount set per week. However, the system will charge the client only the exact amount of funds that the freelancer tracked for that particular week.

For instance, the client signed a contract with $10/hour with 20 hours of weekly limit. PayPal will generate a weekly subscription of $200 ($10x20h=$200). However, if the freelancer tracked only 10 hours, the client will be charged $100 ($10x10h=$100) for that particular week.

Attaching more than one billing method, might help you avoid issues connected with transactions or insufficient balance in your billing method.