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Danylko Kovalenko

Hourly Rate25$ /Hr

Projects Done5

Reviewed by John Smith

"would definitely work with Danylko again"

Lucas Smith

Hourly Rate32$ /Hr

Projects Done7

Reviewed by John Smith

"Lucas is an excellent typescript engineer, provided in-depth code review practically over night."

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Looking for a code review consultant? Look no further! Ithire has the best review code experts for your project, so you don’t need to spend hours searching for one on Google.

What is Code Review, and What are Its Benefits?

Code review is the process of checking code for bugs or errors. Code review can be done by a team of developers or a separate team of reviewers. Code review is an important part of the software development process — it helps to find bugs early in the development process.

Best Code Review Tools

Code review tools help to automate the code review process. These tools can be used to check code for bugs, style, and security issues.

  • Code Climate
  • CodeScan
  • GitHub
  • Crucible

Best Practices for Reviewing Your Code like an Expert

Here's a practical checklist for reviewing your code like a pro:

  • Check for code style and formatting issues.
  • Check for comments and documentation.
  • Look for bugs.
  • Find the security issues.
  • Search for performance issues.
  • Check for compliance issues.

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