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Software QA Engineers

Need to hire QA engineers? Ithire is the perfect place for it. We have only the most qualified and experienced QA engineers in our platform. All you need to do is create an account and find the QA analyst that meets your project requirements the most. 

What is Quality Assurance? 

What exactly is software quality assurance? In simple terms, quality assurance refers to the process of determining whether a certain product or service meets the quality requirements and standards of the industry. Quality assurance is an important part of software or website development, as it helps to ensure that your product does not have any major bugs or errors that can result in an unpleasant customer experience. 

QA Engineer Definition

A QA engineer is basically the person responsible for QA testing. He is the one who creates tests that help to identify the existent issues of the software, and reports those defects to the development team. Here are some of the most common responsibilities of a QA engineer: 

  • Analyze the requirements of the product with the potential customer
  • Pre-plan the testing process 
  • Write down some cases for the tests, in other words, create test scripts 
  • Conduct the QA tests
  • Find the problematic aspects and report them 
  • Discuss how to fix those aspects with the developers 

Hire Freelance Agile QA Engineers 

Waste no more of your time — create an account at Ithire and start working with the best freelance QA engineers today! 

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