How to Make Motion Graphics

Author: Helen Rebane

31 August, 2022

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Motion graphics are a fun way to bring your visual elements to life. They are engaging and entertaining for the viewers and fun to create for the designers! But if you’re new to it, it might be hard to figure out how to create motion graphics animation on your own. That’s why, we’re here to help you out. In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to make your first motion graphics animation and enjoy the process while on it!


How to Make Motion Graphics?


How to make a good motion graphics animation? To answer that question, you first need to know how to learn motion graphics. There are different ways you can start your motion graphics journey, and we’ll discuss the most popular ones here.

First, you need to choose which tool you will be working with. There are different options available, the most common ones include:


If you want to create amazing video effects and motion graphics with a software powered by one of the giants in the industry (yes, we’re talking about Adobe), then After Effects is certainly for you.


Cinema 4D is another pretty popular option among motion graphics designers. Keep in mind though that Cinema 4D is a little more complicated and is focused more on 3D animation and modeling.


Finally, the last software on our list is Blender. With Blender you can work on animation creation, VFX, video editing and scripting, and more. Blender is also not so beginner-friendly, pretty much like all the rest of the software on our list though.

Now that we’ve discussed which software you’ll need to learn motion graphics animation, let’s understand how you can start your education. There are 2 different approaches to motion graphics education:


  • Watch an online tutorial

The best part about digital animation is that it’s 100% digital which means that you can learn it all remotely. So finding good resources and a beginner-friendly tutorial should be enough to learn motion graphics on your own!


Still, we understand that learning complex animation creation techniques all alone is not for everyone. That’s why, you might want to:


  • Attend an in-class motion graphics course

No matter where you are, you’ll certainly be able to find some good motion graphics courses which actually require the students to be in the classroom. This is a great option for all of those who don’t love remote learning and prefer the face-to-face model. The benefits of attending an in-class motion graphics course is that you can actually get to know the other students, ask questions to the teacher and get more detailed answers and overall have someone to push you to actually work and learn the software.


Aside from these 2 options, you can also learn motion graphics by actually getting a university degree in motion graphics. But of course, this is a way more time-consuming option.


Once you learn a specific motion graphics software and get your basic education, here is how you can make your first animation!


  1. Come up with an idea and write the script 
  2. Storyboard and brainstorm the visual fragments 
  3. Design the visual elements 
  4. Turn those elements into animation using the software you’ve chosen


How to Get a Job in Motion Graphics?


Don’t know how to get a remote job in the motion graphics industry? You might want to check out some freelance job portals out there! Here, at ITHire we also have motion graphics vacancies that you can apply to.


We hope this article helped you. Good luck in your motion graphics career and let us know in the comments how the learning process went!

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