How Do Freelancers Keep Track of Hours

Author: Helen Rebane

06 July, 2022

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Lately, everyone seems to be talking about freelancing. Even those who have full-time jobs, seem to have a couple of side gigs at the same time. And if you’ve talked to some of your freelancer friends, they’ve probably mentioned a few reasons why they freelance, which might have included:


  • Flexible working hours
  • No specific working location
  • Ability to work remote
  • Ability to be your own boss,


And of course — the salary! Most freelancers make a great living just by freelancing! On average, freelancers make $21/hour. But this is the average salary, you can certainly make way more if you put your mind to it. But one of the most important questions when talking about hourly salary is: how do freelancers track hours? In this article, that’s exactly what we’re going to discover:


How Do Freelancers Track Hours?

How do remote freelancers track their work? In fact, it’s pretty easy. There are a lot of online tools that make it possible to accurately track your work and get paid upon it. Here, we will mention a couple of them:


How Do Freelancers Track Work?


Here are some of the most popular tools used by freelancers to track their working hours:


  • Traqq - Traqq is a great time tracking software for recording work hours and helping your customer keep track of your productivity
  • Hubstaff - Hubstaff is another great tool for hour tracking. It has a completely free plan, that has pretty much everything the freelancer needs
  • Toggl - Toggl comes with three products: toggl track, toggl plan, and toggl hire. One of the best advantages of Toggl is that it also offers a cool pomodoro timer, to enhance your productivity!


These are a couple of the main time tracking tools used by freelancers. Now you know how to track hours if you ever decide to freelance!

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