Can I Become a WordPress Developer Without Coding

Author: Helen Rebane

01 July, 2022

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So you want to create a WordPress website? Great! But how do you do that? Shall you hire a WordPress developer or shall you try to figure it all out yourself. Well, there are no wrong answers here: it’s totally up to you. But even if you decide to create an entire WordPress website absolutely on your own, don’t worry: you don’t need any coding skills for that. In this article, we’re going to tell you:

How can one be a successful WordPress developer with no skill in coding


How can one become a successful WordPress developer with no coding skills? We’re here to give all the answers. So let’s get started with the most important question:


Can I Design a WordPress Site with No Coding?


Of course you can! Even if you have zero experience or knowledge of programming you can still create a fully functional and fun website using WordPress. As we’ve already mentioned, WordPress is an extremely popular CMS that is available to anyone who wants to create a website. Although coding skills might help you to enhance your website’s functionality, they’re absolutely not necessary, especially in the initial stages.


Here is all you need to do to create a successful WordPress website:


  • Create a WordPress account

Great news for all of you out there: you can use WordPress absolutely for free. So get into and create your free account to get started.


  • Create a website

When you navigate yourself to the home dashboard, you’ll find the “Add new site” option. From here, all you need to do is choose your website’s name, the domain you want to use, the plugins that will come in handy, and answer a couple of other basic questions. That’s it: your website is officially created!


  • Choose the theme

How to create a WordPress theme with no coding ? Well, you don’t really need to create it yourself: you can choose from an extensive list of free and paid theme options offered by WordPress developers. These themes are all over the internet, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your needs the best.


  • Pick the perfect plugins

WordPress is full of plugins that can help you do pretty much anything you want with your website. The hardest choice is to understand which of these plugins you want to keep and which, unfortunately, you can’t have as they are not central for your website and eventually will end up slowing down the speed. To pick the perfect list of plugins, define for yourself clearly why you need those plugins and then try to list them according to their priority.


  • Create the content

Finally, one of the most important aspects of WordPress, and pretty much any other website, is not the technical part but the content. Research similar websites and try to understand which content strategy works best for yours. And don’t forget to make it SEO-optimized so that it ranks higher on the SERPs.


Everything else you’ll figure out pretty quickly on your own, as WordPress is very beginner-friendly and simple. If you don’t check out this free online WordPress course on Udemy.


Now you know how freelancers earn their money by developing WordPress websites with no coding experience! So once you master this skill too, you can even try to earn money with it by freelancing. 

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