20 Javascript Projects for Beginners

Author: Helen Rebane

28 July, 2021

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Are you seeking JavaScript projects for beginners that are fun to build?

If you want to work as a web developer, you should start honing your JavaScript skills right away. You're ready to start your first tiny project after finishing your first tutorial or online course.


After all, if you keep repeating what you already know, you will never achieve your long-term coding objectives. Simultaneously, you want to pick projects that aren't too challenging. Finding a project concept that is just a touch above your current skill level is the key.

However, I understand that it can be challenging to develop JavaScript project ideas that match your talents and are fun to build.


Here is the list of some JavaScript projects that will interest you. Start developing right immediately if you find a project idea that fits your aims and skill level.


1. JavaScript Tic Tac Toe


Another great project idea that you can complete in a single day is creating a simple Tic Tac Toe game with JavaScript.


You'll make a 33-square grid and have two players take turns marking it with cross and circle symbols. The first person wins the game to get three marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row.


Although the game appears to be simple, you must figure out how to establish the logic that follows the game rules in JavaScript. As a result, before you start writing any code, break down the flow of the game into logical sections.


I find it helpful to design a short flow chart to visualize the potential outcomes of a basic game like Tic Tac Toe. It's easier for me to start creating actual code when I can see the flow on paper.


Find an example Tic Tac Toe JavaScript project source code here


2. JavaScript Pairs Game


Another interesting project you may do for pleasure (and for your portfolio!) is to code a JavaScript memory matching or pairs game.


The logic is straightforward:


A certain number of cards are face down on the table. The player must locate all of the pairs. You can increase the difficulty by limiting the number of guesses or imposing a time limit on the game's completion.


This is yet another excellent project for honing your JavaScript and HTML and CSS skills.


The most straightforward technique to make matching cards is to use distinct colors that the player must match. However, you can also utilize photos, icons, or numbers.


Find an example Pairs game JavaScript project here


3. JavaScript To-Do List


JavaScript is a fantastic language for creating dynamic, interactive lists that allow users to add, edit, delete, and move items. It's impossible to achieve using simple HTML and CSS.


If you're anything like me, you've got a never-ending list of things to do. JavaScript is a fantastic language for creating dynamic, interactive lists that allow users to add, edit, delete, and move items. It's impossible to achieve using simple HTML and CSS.


If you're anything like me, you've got a never-ending list of things to do. You may quickly create your custom-coded to-do list as a JavaScript project to make your life easier. Begin by making a single list to which you can easily add and remove items.


You can add new features to help you manage your to-dos more efficiently as your skills grow. To organize your to-dos, for example, you may use multiple lists adjacent to each other.


Find a sample JavaScript to-do project here


4. JavaScript Calculator


It's good practice for your JavaScript abilities to code an outdated calculator. Create a tidy interface with HTML and CSS, then use JavaScript to add new functionalities.


Begin by learning only a few fundamental operators and buttons for additions, divisions, multiplications, and subtractions. 


Find JavaScript Calculator source code here


5. JavaScript Clock


It’s pretty easy to build your own digital clock with JavaScript. You can practice variables and if loops.

Again, you’ll also be free to experiment with some CSS and customize the design to make your JavaScript clock look amazing. 


See an example JavaScript clock project here.


6. Vanilla JavaScript Stopwatch


Even for a newbie, creating a JavaScript timer is a simple project that can be completed in a single day. For user interaction, your stopwatch requires three buttons: Start, Stop, and Reset.

You're done! Play around with some CSS to make it seem nice.


Find an example of this project here.


7. JavaScript Timeline


A custom-made JavaScript timeline might be an excellent tool for constructing websites for freelancing clients, for example, if you want to become a front-end web developer. On their websites, many businesses and start-ups aim to highlight their most noteworthy achievements.


You can also reuse the code from your JS timeline in other similar projects. Let's imagine you want to break down crucial stages for your website visitors into bite-sized chunks. You may use the timeline code to show your readers little chunks of a single topic or piece of material without overwhelming them with too much information all at once.


See an example of a Timeline JavaScript project here


8. JavaScript Quiz


A decent quiz is something that everyone enjoys! Fortunately, creating a little quiz with JavaScript is simple – and they may be really useful.


You can develop a portfolio website to promote your projects if you want to make money freelancing. For example, provide a quiz on the site to assist potential clients in finding the appropriate services for their concerns.


Find a sample JavaScript Quiz project with the source code here


9. JavaScript Browser Code Editor 


Wouldn't it be fun to write your JavaScript code editor? This is a great project for beginners, in my opinion!


Here are some suggestions for extra functionality for your code editor:


For syntax highlighting, use CSS. Make it possible for the user to switch between languages.

Next to your editor, add a screen where the user can run the code.


See JavaScript Browser code editor source code here


10. JavaScript Tip Calculator 


It might be challenging to calculate tips at times, especially after a long day of coding.


If you want to avoid the hassle of manually calculating your tips, create your tip calculator that you can use whenever and wherever you choose. Furthermore, this program never produces calculations, blunders, or errors.


Find an example of a Tip Calculator JavaScript project with the source code here


11. JavaScript Palindrome Checker 


A palindrome is a phrase or word that reads the same in both directions.


Making a basic palindrome checker is excellent practice for dealing with strings and modifying them using JavaScript. It's also a lot of fun to look for palindromes.


Find an example JavaScript Palindrome Checker source code here


12. JavaScript Maze Game Project 


When I was a kid in the early 1990s, I was a major lover of making my own maze games. As a result, learning to code my own maze in JavaScript was a lot of fun.


This JavaScript project is a little more challenging in terms of difficulty.


As a result, if you're just getting started, be sure you're acquainted with the language before embarking on this project.


See the source code of the Maze game JavaScript project here


13. JavaScript Pong Game 


Back in the day, Pong was one of my favorite video games!


Did you know it was the first commercially successful video game of all time?


It takes some effort to create a game with JavaScript, but the end result may be a lot of fun to play.


Start by considering the game's rules and mapping out the many events that your code must handle. You'll probably think of a few ways to make the game more enjoyable while you construct it.


See example Pong JavaScript project here


14. JavaScript Drum Kit 


You're going to adore this example if you want to make a JavaScript project that's a lot of fun while also teaching you a lot.


I recently came across this JavaScript drum kit and quickly fell in love with it. Seriously, it's such a pleasant and entertaining project to work on!


See JavaScript Druk Kit project example here


15. JavaScript Drawing App


The Drawing App project simply demonstrates HTML Canvas, JavaScript, and jQuery programming. When it comes to the system's features, this project has a limited number of them. The user can modify the line width with a slider and choose a color using the color picker. The erase button can be used to erase any part of the drawing. This project uses a lot of javascript to create the final product.


Find an example Drawing App in JavaScript here


16. JavaScript Counter


Counter is a crucial component for using dashboards in the application, and it will be created with some script codings in the web site. It also creates a simple vote counter for counting the number of items in the packages, and votes. In real-world circumstances, it mostly employs the Pusher API for generating and deploying node.js applications. Using these packages, we can design our own unique views, and it also carefully monitors changes, particularly in the amount of votes for a certain item.


Find an example of JavaScript Counter source code here


17. JavaScript Weather App


This is a helpful and straightforward tool for displaying the weather in different areas. The weather display updates instantly when the location name is changed, without requiring a page refresh. The user interface is well-designed. It's worth noting that most weather apps acquire their data from an API. We'll utilize OpenWeatherMap, which is a well-known and widely used API. There are three files: index.html, main.js, and main.css. Although all of the code can be written in a single file (HTML), it is cleaner and easier to maintain files.


Find an example of JavaScript Weather app source code here


18. JavaScript Hangman Game


Hangman is one of our favorite games, enjoyed by both youngsters and adults. You'll be surprised to learn that hangman can be created in a matter of minutes using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It's worth noting that the core functionality is implemented in JS. CSS is in charge of beautifying the contents, whereas HTML is in charge of displaying them.


Although there are many methods defined in the JS of this code sample, it may appear not very easy at first, but you will discover that it is quite straightforward as you read through the code. You may also run the code line by line to check how it is executed.


Find JavaScript Hangman project example here


19. JavaScript Form Validation


Many websites utilize form validation for client-side validation of user details, card data, address details, and other information. If a mandatory input field name exists, the user can type a number, leave the field blank, type only one letter, and so on. All of these validations are simple to implement using JavaScript. 


Let's look at an example of a simple form validation project here.


20. JavaScript Snake Game 


Snake was a popular video game in the late 1970s. The fundamental goal is to avoid touching the walls or the snake's body while navigating a snake and eating as many apples as possible.


The stages we'll take today are as follows:


  • Show the board and a snake that is still.
  • Make the snake move on its own.
  • To modify the snake's direction, use the arrow keys.
  • Score by including food.
  • Final thoughts and resources


Here is an example of a Snake Game JavaScript project. 


Sum up 


So there you have it! Building your own JavaScript projects is the best approach to learn the language if you want to start a career as a web developer.


Working on your own projects will help you grasp how the syntax works and use JavaScript to tackle various challenges.


As you learn JavaScript and complete your first beginner-level projects, you will quickly gain confidence in your ability to work independently. Additionally, as you progress, you will undoubtedly come across additional enjoyable project ideas.


So, what are your plans for the next few projects? Please let me know in the comments section below!

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