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10 Best eCommerce Platforms For Business

03 October, 2022

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Rent a building, design it according to industry standards, start promotional campaigns, and spend thousands of dollars to attract your local target audience. Here is a typical description of how commercial businesses used to work before eCommerce business solutions replaced them with new ideologies and marketing outlooks. 

Nowadays, business running has become further simplified due to online business eCommerce solutions. So, even with a limited budget, you can have unlimited opportunities to boost your product or service sales internationally.

What are the best eCommerce platforms to launch your business?

Ecommerce Business Solutions & Systems

You don’t need to get puzzled by the variety of eCommerce business predictable solutions and existing systems. Design your business needs and real possibilities to narrow down the choice.


Pricing: Every eCommerce business platform charges for its provided services. So, you need to find the platform corresponding to your budget.


Functionality: Despite eCommerce business multiple solutions and different systems, the funcionality of platforms vividly varies while each emphasizes some particular features.


Easy to Use: Complexities are the least you need to worry about when you run your business. Give yourself some time and test to see which platform usage is convenient for you, as long as it is your digital office to work and manage your business.


SEO Features: The difference among eCommerce platforms is also apparent due to the availability of SEO features that facilitate your effort to rank or, oppositely, hinder in case of limitations.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of eCommerce businesses increased by around 16% after Covid 19 while extending the availability of online shopping options. So, you need to choose an eCommerce platform and create your business website where you can browse your products and service offered to your audience. A typical example of a top eCommerce business is Amazon, a massive online marketplace for multiple products and services.


Despite numerous eCommerce business types, the most prominent options appear to be B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customers). The strategies of B2B and B2C differ due to the target audience. B2B type businesses try to think one step toward the customer and create a new want in the market. However, B2C-type companies are created to facilitate the labor of other businesses. 

What are Some Popular ECommerce Business Solutions


This type of enterprise has the best eCommerce solutions, particularly for a growing small business that used to have little room to grow due to financial issues already are in the past. 

The range of eCommerce solutions for small business possibilities is growing yearly, giving more space to quality and creativity.


Here are more tips to consider:


  • Prioritize the customers 

Always try to think as a customer to dive deeper and understand their needs and potential wants. A survey has been conducted on customer behavior, and it turned out that more than 90% of satisfied customers return to make a purchase.


  • Customer experience

Sometimes it’s not what customers purchase but what they experience while making a purchase.


  • Expand the possibilities to make a purchase 

Include mobile shopping, as life temp fastens and customers prefer to purchase by phones.


  • Think bigger

Last but not least, give yourself a chance to see the bigger picture and grow. 

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