Freelancer Violations and Account Holds


Violation of Ithire Terms of Service can cause account holds and further penalties such as account interruptions, account deactivation, and reputation downfall.


Widespread Violations and How to Avoid Them

Payments outside of the Ithire system

Freelancers should not share any personal billing details with the clients for their own safety. If the client suggests paying outside of the system, freelancers need to reject the offer and contact the Ithire Support team.


Contract Performance

Once freelancers accept the contract, it’s their responsibility to complete the project in a fashionable manner and submit high-quality work corresponding to the skills and experience described on their profiles. Misinformation or low-quality deliveries may cause poor feedback and payment conflicts.


Multiple Logins

Freelancers are encouraged to log into the Ithire system with the same Login information both for creating projects and working as a freelancer.


Spam and Harassment

Both clients and freelancers need to respect professional and personal boundaries while communicating with one another. They need to avoid using repetitive content and spamming other users.


Feedback Abuse

Clients are free to leave reasonable and fair feedback regarding work delivered by freelancers. No one should be forced to leave positive or any kind of enforced feedback.