Staying Safe on Ithire


Ithire prioritizes the safety and security of the network and Ithire customers. The massive amount of users on Ithire makes it slightly difficult to monitor questionable activity and suspicious accounts. Ithire team relies on its community’s support in creating a safe working environment.


Online Safety

Ithire advises you to be cautious and careful to avoid scams and frauds by suspicious accounts.


Unpaid Work

Ithire advocates a fair working environment and any work should be reasonably paid off. Working without ensured payment violates the Ithire Terms of Service. In such cases, please, contact the Customer Support team.


Unjustified Payments

  • Freelancers can not bribe the client to consider their particular proposal;
  • Freelancers can not bribe the client to work for them;
  • Freelancers can not request unjustified funds for project needs.


Personal Information

Ithire advises users not to share their personal information with anyone, payments and contact agreements do not require information such as passport information, driver’s license, social security number, etc.


Email Scams and Malware

Ithire advises being cautious and careful while opening emails from unfamiliar users. The account can be fake and the links or material provided in the messages can include viruses or various types of malware. Avoid opening links that look suspicious to you.