Project Planning and Interviewing


Project planning and interviewing processes are crucial phases of hiring. The client needs to carefully design the project components and include every minor detail in their job posting announcement. The more they invest in the announcement, the more successful will the result be. The planning process can help the client to avoid future misunderstandings and problems throughout the project duration.


Project Planning

While creating a job announcement, the client needs to introduce the scope of the project as clear and as wide as possible.

  • Create a project outline;
  • Design an achievable timeline;
  • Set the project details and deliverables;
  • Introduce project goals and expectations.


Interview Recommendations

Clients are advised to interview the candidates to better understand if the particular freelancer is right for the project. It is important to discuss everything in detail and determine the terms and working conditions beforehand to avoid misunderstandings and possible issues in the future. Every question needs to be asked and answered by both sides of the contract.

Possible questions to ask your candidates:

  • How many hours per week are you available? What is your Timezone?
  • What are your motivations for this project?
  • What similar experience do you have?
  • Do you have any specific requests or suggestions regarding the project?
  • What resources will you require?

Possible questions to ask your client:

  • What are the main deliverables of the project?
  • What kind of expectations do you have and what is the end goal?
  • Does the project involve teamwork?
  • Do you need progress reports and how often?


Clients can learn about freelancer’s work history and feedback left on Ithire.


Project Agenda and Objectives

Everyone values time management, therefore, sides need to discuss project timeline and expectations beforehand. Make sure to note and understand each other’s expectations and set the ground for healthy and productive cooperation.


Possible questions to tackle during the interview:

  • How long will the project take? What is the weekly limit for working hours?
  • When will the project start?
  • When is the project due?
  • Are there any particular styling and formatting preferences?
  • What will be the main means of communication?