Pay for Hourly Contracts


Ithire offers these types of payments for hourly based contacts:

  • Standard billing based on tracked hours;
  • Manual payments.


Standard Hourly Billing

While the Standard billing process, the system generates weekly invoices based on the hours tracked by the freelancer via Ithire Time Tracker.

  • The client will receive the invoices every Monday;
  • Payments will be automatically be charged from the billing method attached to the account;
  • If the client wants to report a case, the dispute needs to be filed by the following Friday.


Manual Payments

While Manual payments, the client can choose to manually pay for the contract:
 Click on the Project you are willing to make the payment for in the “Projects” section on your Dashboard

Click the "View Contract" button.

Click "Pay"

For more information about Ithire billing methods and payment processes, please contact Ithire Support Team.