How to Pay


Ithire offers 2 types of payments for hourly based contacts:

  • Standard billing based on tracked hours;
  • Manual Payments.


Standard billing based on tracked hours

In case of standard billing, the system generates weekly invoices based on the hours tracked by the freelancer via Ithire Time Tracker or logged hours. 

  • Payments will be automatically be charged from the billing method attached to the account;
  • If the client wants to report a case, the dispute needs to be filed by the following Friday.

Getting an Invoice

Our invoicing system works as follows:
Each ending week clients will get an invoice indicating the past week's charge hours and the corresponding amount. Invoices will be generated on Sundays for card/debit card payments and on Mondays for Paypal payments respectively.
If the payment has failed or didn’t occur the unpaid invoices will be generated on Tuesday accordingly. This invoice format applies to both standard billing, which is based on tracked hours, and manual payments.


What will happen with my previous invoices?
The previous invoices and the details of the latter won’t be changed.

Will I immediately get an invoice after the payment?
According to the new system of invoice generation, you’ll get the invoice at the end of the week. E.g. client paid on Monday, the invoice will be generated on the weekend.

What happens if I pay for multiple unpaid invoices?
In case of paying the whole outstanding balance that includes multiple unpaid invoices, the client will get the same number of invoices with the changed status - paid invoices. The unpaid invoices will be updated immediately.

Manual Payments

Client can choose to manually pay for the project by following steps:

 Click on the Project you are willing to make the payment for in the “Projects” section on your Dashboard.

Click the "View Contract" button.

Click "Pay"

Paying a Bonus

Bonuses are the client’s choice and can be given at any time until freelancers finish the work. It’s an award to freelancers as people want to be appreciated for the dedicated work they do. Bonuses can be granted via Paypal or Credit Card.

Here's how to do it in simple steps:

1) Go to contract page from your dashboard;
2) Click on "Pay Bonus";
3) Write the amount you wanna pay;
4) Done! The freelancer will be notified about the sent bonus!

For more information about Ithire billing methods and payment processes, please contact Ithire Support Team.