Pay for Hourly Contracts


ITHire offers these types of payments for hourly based contacts:

- Standard billing based on tracked hours;

- Manual payments.


Standard Hourly Billing
While the Standard billing process, the system generates weekly invoices based on the hours tracked by the freelancer via ITHire Time Tracker. 

- The client will receive the invoices every Monday;

- Payments will be automatically be charged from the billing method attached to the account;

- If the client wants to report a case, the dispute needs to be filed by the following Friday.


Manual Payments
While Manual payments, the client can choose to manually pay for the contract:
- Click on the Contract you are willing to make the payment for in the “Contract” section on your Dashboard

- On the Contract page, you can manually pay for the contract by clicking the “
Pay” button.

For more information about ITHire billing methods and payment processes, please contact ITHire Support Team.