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Rust Developers: Game Creators 

Find the best Rust developers at Ithire. Sign up to our platform and choose the freelance developer who meets the needs of your project the most. Our Rust developers will help you create your dream game, and more!

But before we learn more about rust developers focused on freelance game development, let’s talk about rust development in general, and quickly skim through some basic definitions.

What is Rust? 

Rust is a general-purpose programming language that is used to ensure high performance and code safety. Lately, Rust has been gaining a lot of popularity, especially once when Facebook decided to make Rust the main choice for systems programming. By that, Facebook joined Mozilla, Amazon Web Services, Huawei, Microsoft, and Google who have already been using Rust as one of their coding software.

Here are some advantages of Rust: 

  • High performance and memory safety at the same time 
  • Concurrent programming support 
  • A big community of developers and supporters 
  • Solved memory management issues 

And so much more! 

Rust for Game Development

Rust is also a perfect language for game development. Many developers agree that with its focus on secure low-level memory programming, it’s a perfect fit for game development as it offers shortened debugging time, better and more efficient development process and definitely a better final product. 

Here are some apps that were created with Rust: 

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