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Make your app more interactive and improve your app performance with React.js. Our programmers, here at Ithire, will ensure the successful completion of any of your projects: from creating a mobile app to developing a complex TV application. 

What is React.js? 

React JS is built and maintained by Facebook to help develop interactive website elements. It was used to create a number of successful apps, including Facebook app's Ads Manager and Instagram. To give its simple definition, it's an open-source JavaScript library. To enhance its performance even further, you can integrate TypeScript Interface with React components.

What is React Native? 

The difference between React.js and React Native is that while React.js is mainly used to create web applications, React Native is perfect for developing mobile applications that have a native feel. Both React Native and React.js are pretty popular options in the industry.

Here are the main advantages of using React.js: 

  • Supports cross-platform development 
  • Perfectly handles dependencies
  • Enables easy template designing process 
  • Is easy to adopt 
  • Makes the coding quicker and easier 

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