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Albert Golubkin

Hourly Rate35$ /Hr

Projects Done11

Reviewed by John Smith

If you are looking for quality mobile app development, I would highly recommend Albert. He is reliable, responsive and knows what he is doing.

David Lange

Hourly Rate40$ /Hr

Projects Done10

Reviewed by John Smith

David is a hard-working perfectionist who is always ready to put all his energy into the current project in the fast-paced product cycle. He is a world-class and highly motivated software engineer with strong technical skills. It was really productive and inspiring to work with him. I definitely would want to work with him again later.

Asher Jones

Hourly Rate27$ /Hr

Projects Done8

Reviewed by John Smith

Asher is a top skilled Android developer, who knows what he is doing. I am more than satisfied with the quality of service that was provided!

Eliana Rodriuez

Hourly Rate25$ /Hr

Projects Done8

Reviewed by John Smith

Extremely talented...superb work done...ultimate timing...delivered on purposed time...Will re-hire...

Helga Lang

Hourly Rate24$ /Hr

Projects Done7

Reviewed by John Smith

This is my 3rd time working with Helga and she is always my first choice because her work has been perfect so far!

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What is Kotlin?

With an emphasis on productivity in the tech world, Kotlin has succeeded in taking the programming language expertise to another level.

The developer of software tools at JetBrains is the creator of Kotlin in 2010. Since Java was the mainly used coding language in their products, they set out to develop another computer language basing on their alright tried and tested Java, which would have constructs like higher order functions but be much simpler to program.

Therefore, Kotlin is to be thought of as a measurable, open source android programming language  that can be used for different operating systems such as web, Android, macOS and iOS.

Kotlin vs Java

As we know, Kotlin and Java are interoperable, but they are two different programming languages. So, let’s explore how they differ.

The main difference between Kotlin and Java is the Null Safety, in contrast to Java, Kotlin has built-in null safety. Kotlin also has the advantage of not only making the creation of date classes a lot easier but also extending the functionality of classes compared to Java. 

On the contrary to Java, Katlin has a smart feature that handles the casting checks. Whereas for Java it’s mandatory to specify the type of each variable, in Kotlin it’s quite the opposite.