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Create beautiful apps that impress. Our Flutter developers will enable an easy and effortless application development process, ensuring that your users enjoy the app user interface and experience of your google (Android) or iOS app. 

Flutter Meaning

Let’s first define Flutter. Flutter is a UI software development kit introduced by Google and used across platforms for android development, iOS app development, Linux, macOS, Google, Windows, Fuchsia, and so on. The main purpose of Flutter is to build mobile apps with a single codebase in mind. In other words, it makes app development simple and fast. 

What is an app UI kit? 

Just to make sure we're all on the same page, let's also define what is a UI kit: 

UI kit is a collection of resources and graphic files that help designers to build UIs for the apps. 

What does a flutter developer do? 

Flutter developers use Flutter to write natively compiled applications for both Android and iOS without having to write the code of the two apps individually. 

Let’s take a look of Flutter’s main advantages: 

  • Enables faster code writing
  • Is similar to native app development 
  • Requires less testing 

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