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Can’t choose between Android and iOS? Then don’t! Hire a cross-platform application developer at Ithire and design an app that can function on all the operating systems. We’ll help you find the perfect cross-platform developer for your project!

Intro to Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development 

If you’ve already researched a bit about mobile development, then you’ve probably figured out that most of the app development software and languages are focused on one operating system only: it’s either native to Android or iOS. But what if you want to create an app that will function on both? Trust us, there’s no such thing as “best language for app development.” And there’s also no need to hire separate native iOS and native Android developers and to create two different apps. Instead, you can simply hire a cross-platform developer and design an app that will work great on both platforms! 

Advantages of Cross-Platform Development

Why should you hire a freelance cross-platform desktop and mobile application developer?

Here are some of the common advantages of cross-platform development: 

  • Reusable code 
  • Reduction of the code 
  • Faster app development 
  • Faster time-to-market 
  • Consistent brand image

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