What Is Motion Graphics

Author: Helen Rebane

31 August, 2022

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The term “motion graphics” is extremely popular these days. It seems like everyone is using and loving it! But what exactly is motion graphics? Does your business really need to hire motion graphics designers, or can it function well enough without them? Well, we’ll find out in this article!


First, let’s understand: 

What Is Motion Graphics Design?

What is motion graphics design? Let’s find out together! 

As the term suggests, motion graphics is about graphics that are somehow in motion. In other words, it refers to moving visual elements. If you have ever come across an animated text on the website or a moving icon in the video, then you’ve seen motion graphics!


Motion graphics add the element of movement to the design. To be more specific, it puts the visual element into a new medium where it is related to the concept of time and space. In other words, it creates movement.


Now it might sound too complicated, but trust us it’s a really simple concept that you stumble upon pretty often. Today, motion graphic elements are literally everywhere. You can find it on websites, digital ads, YouTube videos, apps, and on many other platforms.


The three main types of motion graphics design include:

  • Emotional videos: the aim of these types of motion graphic animations is to make the viewer feel something. These videos usually result in a strong emotional response. 
  • Explainer videos: the aim of explainer videos is to educate the viewer and inform on a specific topic. If you’re interested in how explainer videos look, you can check out this short video on explainers. 
  • Promotional videos: finally, the promotional videos are made specifically for selling an event, product or a service. With a promotional video you make your viewer acquainted with your brand and convince them to buy your products/services.

Now that you know what is the motion graphics design, let’s figure out:

What Is The Main Responsibility of a Motion Graphics Designer?

What is the main purpose of hiring a motion graphics designer? To understand that, first you need to understand the benefits of using motion graphics for your business. So let’s quickly skim through them:


  • They are captivating


Motion graphics are way more entertaining and captivating for your client than a still visual or design. So your clients will be engaging with your content way better.


  • They have higher retention rate


The research has shown that more than 60% of the viewers watch motion graphic videos until the end. That’s a lot! This means that you will have more people watching your content and getting the most out of it.


  • They are great for illustrating complex concepts


Finally, if you want to explain a truly challenging idea to your audience, you’ll definitely do it better with a motion graphics animation than a plain text. 

Now that we understand why you need a motion graphics specialist, let’s get back to the primary question: what are the responsibilities of a motion graphics designer?


  • To animate visual elements 
  • To create animated graphics and videos 
  • Create an artwork for the website 
  • Work with the marketing team to create animated visuals for different media


That’s it for this article! Hope you’ll find the perfect motion graphics designer for your project. 

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