How To Manage Multiple Projects As Freelancers in 2022

Author: Helen Rebane

06 July, 2022

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Even though being rooted in society, the traditional workstyle has gradually reached the point of being replaced by the modern working culture representing numerous novelties, especially about the vision of a person’s productivity and working attitude. According to research and academic analysis, people are getting eager to be engaged in a freelancer workstyle, whose number is increasing yearly.

The word definition of the ‘freelancer’ has been expressed and explained differently, though all the definitions have come to the following conclusions:


  • Freedom to decide the preferable working hours.
  • Freedom to decide the spot of working
  • Extensive circle of opportunities and likely conditions, known as ‘benefits’.
  • No dependency from any entity, be it an individual or organization


However, the given freedom seems to be tricky for many freelancers to manage the process and deal with multiple projects. Let’s see, if it is real to manage the work successfully.


How Do Freelancers Organize Multiple Projects

Sometimes it may seem puzzling or exhausting to deal with several projects simultaneously, which is the main reason many avoid it. However, right management is the guarantee for the success of the project.


Time management

Time management can become the key while organizing and scheduling the work. It assists in dedicating the right amount of time to each project/task, not staying behind the deadlines, and demonstrating good progress without any tensity.

Milestone division

Milestone division is an excellent mechanism to measure the project's scope and secure its proper deliverability. Meantime, milestones assist freelancers in managing the work and clients to keep up with the progress and facilitate the work and effort estimation process.


Real estimation of capabilities

Relevant estimation of self-capabilities always helps assess the situation as needed before getting engaged in multiple projects. Freelancing is an open-space world with hundreds of opportunities and tempting offers. However, it is better to take the amount of project possible to handle rather than go after everything and end up with nothing.


How To Schedule Multiple Freelance Projects

Work scheduling has become a great issue nowadays, especially when the time seems to tick much faster than usual. People have a problem of management and productive scheduling, and the ability to stick to the plan. So, let’s consider a few components worthy of taking into account prior to being involved in multiple projects.


  • Project difficulty level
  • Project scope
  • Deadlines

These main components foster work planning and avoid stressful situations or possible failures. Smart and relevant estimation of the working process, difficulty level, and scope overall help allocate the right amount of time and ensure the expected outcome.


Best Time Tracking App For Working On Multiple Freelance Projects


Everyday life is getting facilitated and developed due to novelties becoming a particle of our life. Various apps with numerous complex functionalities help us manage our time and efforts, bring the best out of ourselves, and demonstrate high productivity.

Apps with the functionality of time tracking help freelancers manage time and produce good results. Taking one of the most successful and prominent app known as Hubstaff, it should be mentioned that the latter has all the necessary functionalities to support the work on multiple freelance projects. Hubstaff is a smart choice for project time tracking for freelancers as well as for clients to follow the working process and maintain transparency.


Keeping Multiple Projects Organized Freelance


It is definitely tough to keep up with occurring changes and handle several tasks well while sustaining the high quality of work. However, the challenge can be overcome by keeping multiple projects organized and arranged relevantly. The secret ingredient always lies within:


  • Right management
  • Rational estimation of the capability
  • Proper scheduling

As an outcome, freelancing has appeared to be a great opportunity not only in terms of freedom, independence, and mobility but also a supportive guide to self-control and management while dealing with multiple freelance projects of different scopes and expectations.

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