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What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is WordPress's open-source plugin used for creating eCommerce shops. It is one of the easiest ways to start your online business! Woocommerce developer is the one responsible for building and maintaining your eCommerce website. 


How to hire a Woocommerce developer?


No need to look too far: you’re already in the right place! 


Ithire has them all gathered in one place! Our website has the number-one Woocommerce developers. All you need to do is to choose the best matching one. Here are a few tips to get you started: 


  • Describe your project: Tell your potential freelancer what your project is all about. Give some details about the deadlines, skills required, and your expectations from the WooCommerce developer.
  • Post it on Ithire: It could not get any more simple. Once you have written your work description, post it on our platform following some simple steps. 
  • Pick the best match: When your work offer goes live, you will get our Woocommerce developers responding to it. Skim through their profiles, look at their experience and choose the one you like the most! 
  • Get help from our PM: If you don’t have time for all of these steps, you can work with your personal project manager, who will do all the hard work for you. 


How much does it cost to hire a Woocommerce developer


The salary for a Woocommerce developer may vary depending on his experience, location, and skills. In general, you can expect to pay around $15-28/hr on our platform. However, the cost might change depending on the project. 


How to write a Woocommerce  job post?


  • Add a job post title: Pick a title that will help the potential freelancers approximately understand what your job is all about. 
  • Project description: Describe your project in a few words. Let the freelancers know a little more of the details. 


Woocommerce developer responsibilities:


  • Develop Woocommerce templates and themes   
  • Programming websites using WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Ensuring high performance and quality of the Woocommerce website 
  • Troubleshooting and suggesting solutions


Woocommerce developer requirements and qualifications:


  • X+ years of experience as a Woocommerce developer 
  • BS in computer sciences, engineering, or another related field
  • Strong understanding and hands-on experience with SASS 
  • Solid knowledge of WordPress, HTML5, AJAX
  • Expert understanding of JavaScript and JQuery