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Need to hire an XHTML developer? You’re in the right place. Here, at Ithire, we’ll help you find the perfect XHTML developer for your company or your personal project. But before we tell you how it all works, let’s understand:

What is XHTML?

XHTML is the abbreviation for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language. To put it in simple terms, XHTML is the more strict code version of the famous HTML and is mainly based on XML. To understand how it works, you can take a look at an online XHTML page text.  You can also check the free XHTML code tutorial here.

HTML vs. XHTML: Main Differences

Here are some technical differences between XHTML and HTML:

  • In XHTML is mandatory, while in HTML it’s not 
  • In XHTML all the elements should always be clearly nested
  • In HTML, elements don’t always have to be closed. In XHTML they do. 
  • In XHTML, elements should always be used in lowercase. 

Find the perfect XHTML developer

Here’s how to find the perfect XHTML developer: 

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  • Choose the freelancer and start working!