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Taylor Bellis

Hourly Rate30$ /Hr

Projects Done9

Reviewed by John Smith

Taylor is by far the best developer I have ever worked with. Beyond his profound technical skills which are readily apparent, he's also incredible collaborative and was always so accessible to me, I truly felt as though I had a partner with me each step of the way. He had a vested interest in my project and it showed. Highly recommend!!!

Sara Solar

Hourly Rate35$ /Hr

Projects Done4

Reviewed by John Smith

Sara is just fantastique. She is responsive and fast. If I need a translation, I know that I can trust her to deliver. I recommend her highly.

Emily Moore

Hourly Rate20$ /Hr

Projects Done8

Reviewed by John Smith

Nice and successful completion of the project!

Lucas Bonson

Hourly Rate30$ /Hr

Projects Done10

Reviewed by John Smith

Lucas is super impressive. Excellent communication and has tremendous knowledge

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Make your JavaScript code more efficient with a TypeScript developer and develop complex applications more efficiently. All you need to do to hire a TypeScript developer for your project is create an account at Ithire and post your job offer. 

What is TypeScript? 

TypeScript is basically the same language as JavaScript, only with more features. TypeScript was built by Anders Hejlsberg to make JavaScript more compatible for server-side development. If there was a TypeScript vs JavaScript competition, we would say go for TypeScript if you’re working on backend development. But overall, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that is compiled to JavaScript. 

Why Choose Ithire? 

Here are some of the reasons to choose Ithire: 

  • Experienced freelance developers: only the best professionals pass our meticulous hiring process;
  • Personal project manager: you’ll have a personal project manager assigned to your project to make the working process more efficient;
  • Time tracking tools: Ithire has an in-built work tracking tool that helps you understand exactly at what stage the work is.