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If you're working on a web app or website and want to develop a functional and successful platform, then you need to use PHP, the famous back-end scripting language. 

What does a PHP developer do? 

In a nutshell, a PHP developer is responsible for writing your web application's or website's server-side logic. PHP developers can use the PHP framework or content management system during their workflow. 

The difference between the framework and the CMS is that the framework is specific software that contains the generic functionality that, depending on the application, can be modified by other code written by a user. The CMS, on the other hand, is an application that creates, maintains, and manages digital content. 

When creating your web platform, you can also use Object-oriented PHP (OOP), which enables a faster and easier way to execute your PHP program. Here, PHP objects and classes are the core of the development process.  

Here are a couple of reasons why OOP is a better solution: 

  • It's easier and faster to execute 
  • It offers a clear structure to your program 
  • It helps to not repeat yourself during the code
  • It enables to create fully reusable applications

Now let's understand, how you can: 

Hire a Dedicated PHP Developer 

A professional PHP freelance developer is needed? You know where to find the best PHP developers for hire. Here, at Ithire, we only accept expert PHP developers with whom you can work efficiently and reach success faster. 

Here are some hiring tips from Ithire: 

  • Be clear about your requirements 
  • Define the time scope 
  • Interview your freelancer before hiring 

Wishing you the best of luck!