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Lucius Fawcett

Hourly Rate38$ /Hr

Projects Done7

Reviewed by John Smith

Lucius is a solid worker with outstanding knowledge and great attitude. Highly recommended!

Colt Reuben

Hourly Rate35$ /Hr

Projects Done7

Reviewed by John Smith

He possesses great knowledge in matlab and robotics. Work is delivered in high quality and fast. Would highly recommend to hire him and would also work with him again.

David Smith

Hourly Rate30$ /Hr

Projects Done17

Reviewed by John Smith

David is indeed a professional and has a lot of hand's on experience in image processing. He quite excellent and resourceful in this field, delivery time is also good.I strongly recommend him to be worked with.

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MATLAB Programming Language

Looking for developers who will do MATLAB programming ? You’ll find the best ones at Ithire! We are a big online job platform which accepts only the best freelancers, so no matter which developer you choose, you can be sure that they are one of the leading professionals in the industry. 

MATLAB Programming Language: Meaning 

What is MATLAB? It is a multi-paradigm proprietary programming language and a computing environment that allows: 

  • Manipulation of the matrix 
  • Function and data plotting 
  • Algorithms implementation 
  • UI (user interface) creation 

And so on. 

If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of MATLAB, you can skim through their documentation page, or watch this one hour long tutorial for complete beginners. And if all of it starts to feel a little too interesting, you can always go ahead and take an online MATLAB class on Udemy

But you really don’t have to go that deep into it, as here our developers at Ithire will help you quickly and efficiently complete any MATLAB project you have in mind.

Hire Developers Coding With MATLAB Agile Programming Language

Here are some questions to ask your MATLAB developer during the interview: 

  • Have you used MATLAB’s statistics and machine learning toolbox?
  • Can you create an HTML UI component with MATLAB?  
  • What is an operator in MATLAB? 
  • How can you solve differential equations using MATLAB? 

After asking the technical questions, make sure you check their soft skills too, so that you’re sure that it will be easy to work with that freelancer.