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Discord Programming

Looking for Discord programming specialists? Here is the best place to find them! No matter what your project is, we’ll find the perfect discord freelance developers for you! All you need to do to start working with the top professionals is: 

  • Create an account at Ithire 
  • Post your first job offering 
  • Choose the freelancer that meets your project requirements

Leave the rest on us—  we’ll take care of the project management, and ensure a successful completion of your project. 

What is Discord App Used For

What is Discord and what is it used for? To put it simply, Discord is basically a chat app where you can communicate via video, voice or text. It has 150 million active users each month and is especially popular among gamers, usually ranging from the age 30-33. For instance, for the Roblox gamers’ community, Discord is basically a place to call home—here is where they make friends, communicate about the games and chat about Roblox. 

If you want to switch to the “programmer mode” and  play around with the Discord developer tools, and see how it all works, you can enable Discord Console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I. Discord also has its own portal for Discord developers.

And if you want to get started right away and set up your Discord accounts, here’s a guide

Here is a quick list of the advantages of Discord, you should definitely consider: 

  • Easily create and join servers
  • Enjoy the beautiful interface 
  • Never worry about your chats’ security
  • Enjoy the high performance of the chat 

And so on! 

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