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No matter how good your product or service is, it can fade in the competition, if you don’t market it correctly. That’s why, today, having an experienced digital marketing consultant who can help you design working marketing campaigns is so essential. After all, this is how your customers get to know about your business and eventually decide to buy what you offer to them! 

But how do you really find the best digital marketing consultant? Well, the best part is that you’ve already done half of the job because you’re here, at Ithire! We have found the best freelance digital marketing specialists for you, so all you have to do is choose which one of those freelancers meets the needs of your project the most. But before we get there, let’s understand:

What Does a Digital Marketer Do?

Before you hire a digital marketing expert, you need to know what digital marketing is and what are the main responsibilities of a freelance digital marketing specialist. Let’s start with the definition of digital marketing: 

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses online technologies and the Internet to promote the products or services. It is different from traditional marketing as it does not rely on the traditional media channels like newspapers, magazines, billboards, and so on. 

Now to answer to the question what exactly a digital marketing specialist do, we need to skim through some common roles in digital marketing:

  • Roles in Digital Marketing

SEO specialist: SEO specialist is the one who SEO-optimizes your website, helping your page to appear on the first ranks of SERPs (search engine result pages.) This way, you get more traffic to your website, which, on its turn, brings more conversions! 

Creative copywriter or content writer: These are the people who take care of all the text that appears on your page, copies, social media posts, and so on. They help you get a copy that will sell your product or service. 

Social media manager: A modern consumer spends most of their time on social media pages, which means, these pages should also be the main part of your marketing campaign. And if you want someone to take care of all your professional social media pages, you need an experienced social media manager. 

Other popular roles in digital marketing include: conversion rate optimizer, inbound marketing manager, digital marketing analyst, digital marketing manager, and so on. 

To sum up, here is the: 

List of Digital Marketing Services

  • SEO services 
  • Social media marketing services 
  • Influencer marketing services 
  • Content and copywriting services 
  • And so on. 

Check this article about digital marketing to learn more. 

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